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August 12, 1944

PARAPHRASE OF Embassy’s telegram no. 2972

Harriman conveys the content of a conversation he had with Stanislaw Mikolajczyk about Soviet-Polish Relations and Polish politics during and after the war, focusing on the possibility of communism.

August 5, 1944

Boleslow Bierut Arrives in Moscow

The President of the National Council of Poland gives a speech in Moscow.

May 23, 1944

Stalin, Molotov, and Zhukov Meet Marian Spychalski and the People’s Home Counsel (KRN) Delegation at the Kremlin

The People's Home Counsel (KRN) meets with Stalin, Zhukov, and Molotov at the Kremlin to discuss Polish politics and military.

January 27, 1990

National Intelligence Daily for Saturday, 27 January 1990

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 27 January 1990 describes the latest developments in the Soviet Union, Germanys, Panama, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and South Korea.

May 18, 1989

Poland: Catholic Church Legalized

An analysis of the Catholic Church's legalization as an effort to boost the Party's popular support.

October 12, 1989

Assessment Paper by the Austrian Foreign Ministry, '[Excerpt] Eastern Europe; General Assessment'

The Assessment Paper outlines new change is Eastern Europe, mostly surrounding political and economic diversification, following Gorabachev's leadership in the USSR. The report then evaluates the GDR's economy, emigration, and anticipated political changes in light of the new geopolitical climate.

August 15, 1948

Boleslaw Bierut's Notes to a Conversation with Josef Stalin on approximately 15 August 1948

Bierut and Stalin discuss plans for post-war Poland. Topics include the position of right-leaning groups in Poland and relationships with other Communist countries.

August 28, 1946

Bierut's Notes of a Conversation with Stalin on the Situation in the Polish Socialist Party (PPS) and Preparations for Parliamentary Elections in Poland

Bierut and Stalin discuss ongoing internal political struggles among Polish communists and other leftist organizations in Poland.

August 22, 1989

Report of the Embassy of Romania in Warsaw to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 0145 hr

Romanian Ambassador to Poland Ion Tesu reports on the Polish response to Ceaușescu's 19 August message to all of the socialist countries. Includes a written response from the PUWP leadership

October 25, 1956

Maj. Witold Osinski, Reports on the Events of 19-23 October 1956

Reports recounting Osinski's experiences with infighting between the Polish Ministry of Defense (MND), and the Stalinist Internal Security Corps (ISC). The reports also take place during the Polish October (Gomulka' Thaw). Normal font indicates that the text appears in both instances of the document. Italics indicates that the text appears only in the original, handwritten version of the document. Bold font indicates that the text appears only in the final, typed version for Gomulka.