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June 4, 1984

Untitled report the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Stefan Olszowski concerning his meeting with the Soviet Ambassador Aleksandr Aksionau in Poland

During a visit to the USSR, Kim Il Sung stressed the unity of socialist countries especially in Southeast Asia. Kim mentioned that DPRK has no intention of attacking South Korea.

October 23, 1949

Cable Telegram no. 59363 from Kovalev to Stalin, containing a message from Mao Zedong

Mao details the actions of the Worker's Party of South Korea, its attempted actions and its repression by state authorities in the last month, and reiterates that he advised against offensive action.

January 20, 1977

Letter from Andrew C. Nahm to President James E. Carter, January 20, 1977

Professor Nahm from Western Michigan University sent a letter to Jimmy Carter, giving two sugeestions including the elimination of the threat of nuclear weapons.

February 26, 1989

Memorandum of Conversation: President Bush's Meeting with General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Zhao Ziyang of the People's Republic of China, February 26, 1989, 4:00 p.m. - 5:40 p.m.

George H.W. Bush and Zhao Ziyang discuss Sino-American relations and China's reform and opening, in addition to the situations in Korea, India, Pakistan, and the Soviet Union.

August 29, 1946

Kim Il Sung, 'For the Establishment of a United Party of the Working Masses: Report to the Inaugural Congress of the Workers' Party of North Korea'

Kim Il Sung's speech at the 1st Congress of the Korean Workers' Party.

December 9, 1980

Record for the Vice Minister Comrade Dr. Házi Vencel about the consultations with Comrade O Man-seok, the Head of Department of the DPRK’s Foreign Affairs Ministry

O Man-seok's brief of DPRK internal policies activities to move forward the cause of unifying Korea.

September 15, 1956

Telegram from the USSR Ambassador to the DPRK Ivanov addressed to Mikoyan and Shepilov, 'August Plenum of the Korean Workers' Party Central Committee'

Ivanov provides a detailed report on the proceedings of the August Plenum of the Korean Workers' Party Central Committee.

December 8, 1960

Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 8 December 1960

Kim Il expresses gratitude on the statement of Soviet Union on the issue of the peaceful reunification of Korea. Kim Chang-man mentions the DPRK VNS proposals which stress the peaceful reunification of Korea sweeps through the South Korea. He also reports that the South Korea currently suffer a serious electricity shortage. Ri Gyo-sun says there will be a massive propaganda on DPRK VNS proposals planned to Japan.

August 18, 1975

Voluntary Liberal Democratic Party MP North Korea Visit (Part 2)

A report on visits by Japanese parliamentary delegations to North Korea.

February 1, 1977

Joint Meeting of Political Parties and Social Organizations Discussing Unification of the Fatherland

Communist World Broadcast Listening Report on joint meeting of political parties and social organizations discussing unification of the Fatherland.