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November 20, 1972

From the Journal of N.G. Sudarikov, 'Record of a Conversation with Kim Il Sung, General Secretary of the KWP CC and Chairman of the DPRK Cabinet of Ministers, 7 November 1972'

During the meeting between Lee Hu-rak and Pak Seong-cheol on November 2, North Korea asked the South to free political prisoners, cease its anti-communist campaigns, and restore democracy before a North-South Coordinating Committee is established. The structure and functions of the committee were discussed as well.


Report, 'Elements who make Opposite Utilization of Democratic Law of Criminal Procedure'

Article lamenting the division of Korea and the influence of the Soviet Union and communism.

July 1954

John W. Staggers, 'Impression of Korea with Recommendations for Improving Korean Aid Programs'

Report on the excessive number of agencies working on the rehabilitation of Korea, which Staggers felt created inefficiency. He suggests giving funds directly to the government of Korea.

December 13, 1979

Cable, South Korean Ambassador to the the South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs, 'The Statement by Assistant Secretary Christopher'

A telegram regarding the case of WUS-1284 and U.S. Assistant Secretary Christopher's response to media reporters about the December 12 Incident.

August 6, 1953

Proposed Joint Statement by President Rhee and Secretary Dulles

In this proposed joint statement, President Rhee and Secretary Dulles discuss the terms for the joint security pact between the ROK and the US.

September 30, 1949

Letter, Syngman Rhee to Dr. Robert T. Oliver [Soviet Translation]

Letter from Syngman Rhee translated into Russian. The original was likely found when the Communists seized Seoul. Syngman Rhee urges Oliver to come to South Korea to help develop the nation independent of foreign invaders and restore order to his country.

July 17, 1955

Letter, Lieutenant General Collier to President Rhee

For the 7th anniversary of Korea’s Constitution Day, General Collier congratulates and praises South’s Korea’s determination to fight communism and remain an independent nation.

December 6, 1972

Letters between Ahmet H. Ozbudun and C.V. Narasimhan

Ozbudun sends Narasimhan a letter reporting on North-South Co-ordinating Committee, forthcoming elections, and next session of UNCURK.

November 23, 1972

Cable, Ahmet H. Ozbudun to C.V. Narasimhan

Ozbudun sends Narasimhan a letter reporting on ROK's national referendum on amendment of the Consitution.

October 25, 1972

Letter, Ahmet H. Ozbudun to C.V. Narasimhan, 'The New Situation in the ROK'

Ozbudun sends Narasimhan a letter explaining current development in ROK including its declaration of the Martial Law.