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October 20, 1976

Cable, Cornell, Swedish Embassy, Pyongyang, to the Cabinet, Stockholm

Swedish Charge D'Affairs in Pyongyang Erik Cornell reports, after a conversation with the country's Deputy Foreign Ministe, that the North Korean government is distancing itself from its diplomats' smuggling and resents the unilateral decisions taken in Copenhagen and Oslo to expel North Korean diplomats. Cornell also notes the vulnerable position of the Swedish Embassy in Pyongyang and urges caution.

January 7, 1958

Unsigned Draft Code Message to Director Blusztain

This message summarizes responses to the Rapacki Plan from countries in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and North America.

October 22, 1976

Telegram to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Royal Danish Embassy in Helsinki, 'Finnish Press Coverage of the Expulsion of North Korean Diplomats'

A summary of Finnish press coverage of the expulsion of North Korean diplomats produced by the Danish Embassy in Helsinki.

October 5, 1976

Telegram from Directorate for Customs, Control Office, to Hanna Boye, Foreign Ministry

A cover letter for a note to Hanna Boye.

October 15, 1976

Telegram from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Danish Diplomatic Missions Abroad

A notice of sending the press release.

October 21, 1976

Telegram to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Royal Embassy in Helsinki, 'Finland’s Expulsion of North Korean Diplomats'

A summary of how the Finnish government coped with the smuggling case involving North Korean diplomats.

October 21, 1976

Cipher Telegram to the Danish Ambassador in Beijing

The Foreign Ministry of Denmark informed Danish Ambassador in Beijing of the notice it got from the North Korean Embassy and requested a confirmation of the appointment.

October 19, 1976

Telegram, Danish Embassy in Stockholm to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'North Korea’s Embassy, Smuggling'

A Summary of press reports as to the smuggling activities of the North Korean Embassy in Sweden, which is very similar to Denmark’s case.

December 12, 2006

Emails between Søren Haslund, Klaus Simoni Pedersen, and Annette lassen

A summary of the North Korean smuggling case in Nordic countries with the motive and the result.

November 1976

Draft of reply to Jørgen Junior’s query no. 86 regarding the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties and its principles on diplomatic immunity

The Minister of Foreign Affairs explained that changing the laws about diplomatic immunity would be difficult because of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treatise.