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January 6, 1961

State Department telegram 2821 to U.S. Embassy Paris

December 31, 1960

State Department telegram 502 to U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv

December 28, 1960

US Embassy Israel Telegram 590 to State Department

December 24, 1960

US Embassy Israel Telegram 577 to State Department

December 20, 1960

State Department telegram 3311 to U.S. Embassy London, 20 December 1960, Secret

January 12, 1961

White House Office of the Staff Secretary, 'Memorandum of Conference with the President December 19, 1960'

December 17, 1960

Memorandum of Conversation, 'Suggested Guidance for Chairman McCone's Use in 'Meet the Press' Interview December 18 If Asked About Reported Israeli Atomic Weapons Developments'

December 9, 1960

Telephone Call Logs of Secretary of State Christian Herter

June 19, 1953

National Security Council Report, NSC 158, 'United States Objectives and Actions to Exploit the Unrest in the Satellite States'

Recommendations adopted by the National Security Council at the suggestion of the Psychological Strategy Board on covert actions to be undertaken in the Soviet Satellite States. Authorized by the National Security Council, NSC 158 envisaged aggressive psychological warfare to exploit and heighten the unrest behind the Iron Curtain. The policy was endorsed by President Eisenhower on June 26, 1953.

June 19, 1953

Minutes of Discussion at the 150th Meeting of the National Security Council, 18 June 1953

The US National Security Council discusses recent release of prisoners of war in South Korea. The riots and disturbances in East Germany and Czechoslovakia are discussed in the context of the general “softening” of Soviet policy. The Council also discusses the possibility of a four-power meeting, and other alternative courses of action.