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November 25, 1960

Letter from Georgi Bogdanov, Ambassador of the People's Republic of Bulgaria to Pyongyang

Bulgarian Ambassador to North Korea, Georgi Bogdanov, reports on the restriction of foreign education materials in North Korea.

April 8, 1950

School Regulation for Chinese Junior High Schools

September 8, 1956

Resolution of the August Plenum of the Korean Workers' Party Central Committee on the Improvement of Public Healthcare

The resolution describes plans to expand public sanitary facilities and improve the health of the citizenry.

September 15, 1956

Decision of the KWP CC Plenum, 30-31 August 1956, 'Concerning the Improvement of Public Health'

The resolution describes plans to expand public sanitary facilities and improve the health of the North Korean citizenry.

October 13, 1950

Telegram, from Gromyko to Stalin

Account of the reception of the Chinese Ambassador Peng Dehuai. He requested that all Korean undergrad and graduate students be admitted to the Soviet summer schools, as well as Korean specialists who receive production and technical training in industrial settings the USSR (a total of 738 people). Gromyko notes that there are differences between the requests of Dehuai and Kim Il Sung, and that Dehuai has been asked to speak to Kim Il Sung, and clear up the differences.

October 10, 1950

From the Journal of Gromyko, Memorandum on Conversation with Chinese Ambassador Peng Dehuai

Talks about Ambassador Peng Dehuai's request to send 738 Korean students, of higher education, to Soviet summer schools.

August 11, 1975

Voluntary Liberal Democratic Party MP North Korea Visit

A report on visits by Japanese parliamentary delegations to North Korea.

February 9, 1972

Letters between Narasimhan and Ozbudun

Updates on the 17th preliminary Red Cross negotiations and Kim Il Sung's interview concerning unification, Red Cross talks, and North Korea's Six-Year Plan.

October 10, 1948

Soviet Political, Economic, and Cultural Aid to the DPRK People for the DPRK's Democratic Construction

The Ministry of Culture and Propaganda publishes a pamphlet on the Soviet Union's tremendous assistance to the DPRK and contrasts the Soviet Union with the behavior of the US and Japan.

July 5, 1947

What Every Political Party and Social Organization Must Demand on the Establishment of a Democratic Interim Government of Korea

A reprinting of Kim Il Sung's June 14, 1947, speech to the Democratic National United Front on the establishment of a democratic interim government. An appendix to the publication contains Kim Il Sung's June 23, 1947, speech, "To the Korean Youth Before the Establishment of the Democratic Interim Government."