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December 15, 1980

Resolution on Policy Guidelines and Missions for the Struggle against Chinese Spies in the New Situation

A resolution on combatting “Chinese spies” in Vietnam. The resolution directs Vietnam's Public Security to establish a special interrogation center to which all known and suspected “Chinese spies” who had been arrested would be sent for detailed interrogation by trained professionals. The interrogations would help Vietnam to identify existing Chinese espionage operations and to obtain information on the Chinese intelligence organizations, their plans, and their targets. 

April 30, 1948

George F. Kennan, 'The Inauguration of Organized Political Warfare'

State Department Policy Planning Director George Kennan outlines, in a document for the National Security Council, the idea of a public committee, working closely with the US government, to sponsor various émigré activities.

June 18, 1949

Project against the Kurds

Report on Russian efforts to gather intelligence on Anglo-American activities related to Kurdish political parties in the Middle East.

July 6, 1949

Untitled note on an American diplomat in Beirut

Short document on the arrival of an American diplomat with notes on surveillance efforts by "Russian and Jewish agents."

August 31, 1962

Speech by Senator Keating, "Soviet Activities in Cuba"

Keating alleges that the Soviet Union is building "rocket installations" in Cuba and urges President Kennedy to take action.


Korea: Uneasy Truce in the Land of the Morning Calm (New York: American-Korean Friendship and Information Center, 1976)

The AFKIC introduces its mission, the history of Korea, and the current situation on the Peninsula.


Korea Must Be Reunified: A Call for Friendship between the Peoples of the United States and the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea

Kim Il Sung praises the work of AKFIC for giving “wide publicity to our people’s struggle [in the United States]…exposing the fascist dictatorship of South Korean reactionaries…as well as U.S. aggression in Korea.”

October 6, 1959

Report by the Director of CC CPSU Department of Military Industry on the American 'Discoverer' Satellites

Report outlining the need to organize systematic observation of newly launched American "Discoverer" satellites to determine their orbit and radio frequencies.

September 26, 1959

Report by Chairman of the Committee for State Security on American "Discoverer" Satellites

A report to the CC CPSU on six American "Discoverer" model satellites with speculation about the satellites' military or surveillance purposes.

January 9, 1962

East German Ministry of State Security, 'Brief Assessment of the Investigation Results Achieved in 1961 in Work on Crimes of Espionage'

Assessment by the Stasi of the espionage of the main Western secret services in East Germany based on its investigation of cases of spying in 1961.