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August 1, 1958

Note Relating to the Designation of an Objective

Authorization request to eliminate an organizer of a French legion deserters organization, Schulz Lesum, in Tetouan, Morocco.

June 1958

Operations Conducted Since the 1st of January 1956

List of 47 paramilitary actions conducted or planned by the French Service Action between January 1956 and Summer 1958.

August 19, 1949

French Coup d’Etat against Lebanon

The Journalist Informer meets with an Israeli agent to discuss the military coup in Syria and the French coup attempt in Lebanon.

August 12, 1949

French Activities in Lebanon

French sources tell the Journalist informer that a French agent is planning a coup in Lebanon to be executed in September.

August 1, 1949

A Jewish Secret Agent in Lebanon

Report on the activities of an Algerian Jewish agent in Beirut.

July 19, 1949

French Movements

Report on recent meetings between French agents and employees and Lebanese politicians.

August 17, 1949

French Activities in Lebanon

Report on the movements of the Conte De Shayla on August 17th.

July 1, 1949

French Intelligence Services

Report on a French employee carrying out an intelligence operation in Beirut, his communication with other French officers and employees.

June 15, 1949

French Intelligence Services

Report regarding rumors of an intelligence gathering operation by a French agent in Beirut.

June 2, 1949

Syrian Activities in Lebanon

Information on Syrian surveillance of engineer Carlos Daranda and his wife Gizelle Kfoury who serves as a liason between a Lebanese political organization and the French Legation.