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August 12, 1949

A Jordanianian Agent

Report on the movements of a Jordanian agent while in Beirut.

August 8, 1949

Jordanian Activities against Syria

The Journalist Informer recieves information that a Jordanian agent has received instructions to blackmail a former Jordanian/current Syrian agent.

August 4, 1949

Jordanian Interest in Aleppo

Report on the Jordanian legation's interest in the effects of King 'Abd Allah's statements on Aleppo in Northern Syria. The Journalist informer meets with a Jordanian agent to discuss Jordanian orders on this matter.

August 1, 1949

Jordanian Intelligence Services

Report on the activities 2 Jordanian agents under Jordanian military leadership concerned with Syria and Lebanon.

July 29, 1949

Jordanian Activities

Jordanian activities in Lebanon, developments in the Damascus coup, a Jordanian citizen's issues with money.

July 22, 1949

Jordanian Movements in Lebanon

Report on the movements of Artīn Ṣārūf [from context probably a Jordanian agent] in Beirut, a meeting between Ṣārūf and a pilot in the Syrian army.

July 15, 1949

Rāshīd A'ālī al-Kīlānī [Rachid Ali al Kilani]

Report on Rashid al-Kilani's secret visit to Syria to call to reinforce the movement against the Iraqi government, a visit by Jordanian agents to the Journalist Informer.

July 14, 1949

Jordanian-Syrian Intelligence Services

Report on an agent who works for both the Syrian and Jordanian intelligence services.

June 30, 1949

Jordanian Movements in Beirut

The Journalist Informer meets with a Jordanian intelligence officer who is looking for information on a Slovak who is involved in a secret arms deal with the Syrian authorities.

June 29, 1949

Jordanian Movements in Lebanon

Report regarding a Jordanian officer who is in Lebanon to study the current situation in Syria; his meeting with several Palestinians.