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November 10, 1999

Memorandum, FBI National Security Branch to All Field Offices, 'Information on Surveys Conducted by the Russians for Sabotage and Infiltration in the U.S. during the 1950s and 1960s'

An FBI memo written in the wake of a "60 Minutes" segment regarding The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGB.

May 1, 1983

'Iranian Intelligence Service IRNA: "More on Espionage Confession from Leaders of the Tudeh Party"'

The leader of the Tudeh Party, Noureddin Kianouri, confesses to sharing information with the Soviet Union and using his Party to aid in Soviet espionage.

April 30, 1948

George F. Kennan, 'The Inauguration of Organized Political Warfare'

State Department Policy Planning Director George Kennan outlines, in a document for the National Security Council, the idea of a public committee, working closely with the US government, to sponsor various émigré activities.

May 19, 1983

Memorandum from S.N. Mukha to Comrade V.V. Shcherbitsky, 'On Apprehension of S.V. Kirichenko, who Established a Criminal Connection with the US Clandestine Services'

Mukha provides Shcherbitsky with a report detailing the capture of Sergey Vladimirovic Kiirichenko, a Ukrainian conducting espionage operations on behalf of the US.

August 1, 1949

Circassian Activities

The Journalist informer passes on information from the Russian legation regarding the movements of Russian agents in Damascus.

June 23, 1949

Yugoslav-Croatian Movements

Information on Yugoslav and Croatian activities against the Tito government in Syria and Lebanon

June 18, 1949

Project against the Kurds

Report on Russian efforts to gather intelligence on Anglo-American activities related to Kurdish political parties in the Middle East.

December 28, 1950

Untitled report about Turkey

Report on Turkish collaboration with Arab countries in a common defense against Russia and Turkish journalists acting as Israeli agents.

July 6, 1949

Untitled note on an American diplomat in Beirut

Short document on the arrival of an American diplomat with notes on surveillance efforts by "Russian and Jewish agents."

June 28, 1949

Untitled report on Soviet movements in Lebanon

Short document on the actions of the Russian legation in Lebanon.