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June 27, 1944

PARAPHRASE of Embassy’s telegram No. 2296

Harriman and Stalin discuss Finland and information from the Swedes.

June 26, 1944

The Finnish Situation

Stalin and Harriman discuss Finland and the strategy for Finnish withdraw from the war.

September 8, 1989

Ambassadors’ Conference at the Austrian Foreign Ministry, Vienna

Summary of discussion between Austrian Foreign Minister Erich Maximilian Schmid and ambassadors from Belgium, Finland, Yugoslavia, Luxembourg, and Sweden about the state of Eastern Europe, the decline of the arms race, and Western reactions to German Reunification.

June 23, 1989

CPSU Central Committee, 'On a Conception of Military Cooperation with Foreign (Non-Socialist) Countries'

An introductory note to the CPSU Central Committee Resolution on military cooperation with non-Socialist countries.

November 9, 1944

Letter No. 402 from L.D. Wilgress, Canadian Embassy, Moscow, to the Secretary of State for External Affairs, W.L. Mackenzie King

The Canadian Ambassador to the Soviet Union, L.D. Wilgress, thoroughly reviews Soviet foreign policy in Europe, Asia, and in Latin America and its relations with the United States and the United Kingdom. Wilgress optimistically concludes that "the Soviet Government are desirous of co-operating fully with the other great powers."

May 5, 1975

Political Report for the Month of April 1975, K.N. Mohta, Charge d’affaires, 'President Kekkonen’s Foreign Policy'

President Kekkonen’s foreign policy towards the Soviet Union was more active and vigorous, based on Finland’s geo-political situation.

April 10, 1964

Report by S. Bikram Shah, Ambassador, 'Annual Political and Economic Report for 1963'

Finland welcomed the signing of the Partial Test Ban Treaty at Moscow and was one of the first countries to sign it. However, there is reluctance on the part of other Scandinavian countries to accept the proposal

June 28, 1978

Telegram to the Minister of Foreign Affairs from the Ambassador in Finland, “Report on Dialogue with Vainiomaki, Ex-Commercial Attaché in Pyongyang”

A summarized report of dialogue with Finnish Ex-Commercial Attache in Pyongyang, who describes North Korea's military schemes, Kim Jong Il's car accident, and an agreement between North Korea and Finland for dispatching skilled engineers to help construct a pulp factory in North Korea.

December 23, 1968

Note about a Conversation between Comrade Herrmann and Comrade Putivez, 2nd Secretary of the USSR Embassy, on 9 December 1968 in the USSR Embassy

Hermann questioned Putiwtz on North Korea's foreign policy, including its relations with other socialist countries, Pakistan, and capitalist coutries while Putiwitz discussed economic cooperation and political relations between the Soviet Union and North Korea.