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October 19, 1954

Minutes of the First Meeting between Premier Zhou Enlai and Nehru

Zhou Enlai and Nehru discuss French and Portuguese colonialism in India and China, the Sino-American conflict, conflict in the Taiwan Straits, and the China issue at the United Nations.

July 31, 1969

Rajya Sabha Q&A on the French Agreement to Help Build a Nuclear Reactor.

Transcript of questions and answers between the members of the Rajya Sabha and the Minister of Atomic Energy, Shrimati Indira Gandhi, on the specifics of building a new nuclear reactor and French assistance.

May 15, 1969

Rajya Sabha Q&A on Indo-French talks regarding nuclear collaboration.

Transcript of questions and answers between members of the Rajya Sabha and the Minister of Atomic Energy, Shrimati Indira Gandhi, on the New Delhi talks with French Minister of Atomic and Space Research on the peaceful use of atomic energy.

February 1, 1955

French Foreign Ministry, Note on Indian Foreign Policy and Franco-Indian Relations

Note prepared by the French Foreign Ministry prior to Prime Minister Nehru’s visit to Paris in February 1955. It observed that France could find in India a cooperative partner in Asia despite their outstanding disagreements.

May 27, 1974

Confidential Note from Pierre Laurent to the French Foreign Minister

Pierre Laurent of the French Department of Scientific Affairs describes the first Indian nuclear test and the resulting reevaluation of French nuclear cooperation with India. New guarantees are suggested to ensure that French-supplied nuclear technology and materials could not be used in future Indian nuclear explosions.

May 23, 1974

Telegram from French Ambassador Jean-Daniel Jurgensen to the French Foreign Ministry in Paris

Jean-Daniel Jurgensen, the French ambassador to India, describes the Indian response to the negative international reaction to India's first nuclear test in 1974. He reports that the “Indians are particularly pleased because France has abstained from all unfriendly judgments and they believe that France is herself well-placed to understand the Indian position in this domain.”

August 24, 1951

Letter from the French Foreign Ministry to the UK Embassy in Paris on the Franco-Indian Reactor Agreement

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports that an agreement has been signed for cooperation between India and France for nuclear research.

June 5, 1951

Secret Letter from Roger Makins to Michael W. Perrin

Roger Makins of the British Foreign Office informs Michael Perrin, Deputy Controller for Atomic Energy, about negotiations between India and the United States and India and France for nuclear cooperation.

January 25, 1952

Letter from John D. Cockcroft to Homi J. Bhabha

John D. Cockcroft, head of the British Atomic Energy Research Establishment, writes to Homi J. Bhabha, Chairman of the Indian Atomic Energy Commission, informing him that the British will not be assisting India with its beryllium experiements since India has already made agreements with the French Atomic Energy project.

October 30, 1951

Letter from UK Embassy in Paris to London on Franco-Indian agreement

British Ambassador Oliver Harvey reports a conversation with the Director of the French Atomic Energy Commission Jules Guéron on the details of Franco-Indian nuclear cooperation.