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January 17, 1963

Diary Entry of Aminitore Fanfani for 17 January 1963 [Excerpt]

In the morning, Fanfani met with his advisers, and they agreed to accept the Jupiter-Polaris arrangement. He then met with Kennedy for a series of conversations on East-West issues and the developing countries. During their private meeting, Fanfani conveyed to Kennedy the conditions for the agreement—Polaris submarines would not be based in Italy, and Italy would be a participant in the MLF and a member of the NATO committee establishing it. As he noted in his diary, Fanfani asked that language referring to “bases in the Mediterranean” (“which could lead one to suppose they are in Italy”) be removed from the “minute of understanding” of the meeting. Kennedy accepted the stipulations, and a memorandum of their understanding was prepared.

January 20, 1964

Note on Euratom Internal Situation

Note on memorandum by J. Gueron General Director of Research and Education Euratom to MIC G. Medici suggesting to suppress national nuclear programs and to redirect Italian nuclear development either within the cadre of the European Community programs carried out at the EURATOM centers, or in association with foreign programs (French and German).

April 10, 1971

MAE Cable on French proposal for uranium enrichment

Note concerning uranium enrichment plant proposed by the French government.

July 2, 1970

Note by CNEN on Italian delegation's visit to France

Report by CNEN on the visit by CNEN personnel and industrial experts to CEA plants and French facilities for uranium-enrichment.

March 25, 1974

Letter from Albonetti to GA

Letter from CNEN's Achille Albonetti to Andreotti on nuclear-powered ship “Enrico Fermi” and prospective cooperation with France over nuclear-armed ships.

September 21, 1971

Note from CNEN Vice-President to MIC on NPN

Note from CNEN Vice-President regarding emerging problems with NPN project, Enrico Fermi ship and issue of contract with french nuclear agency (CEA) for the supply of nuclear fuel. Annex Missing.

September 6, 1964

Note by MD Cabinet on Von Hassel Declaration

Note on declaration by FRG Defense Minister Von Hassel on Italy's position vis-à-vis MLF. Annexes missing.

April 17, 1963

MAE Cable Report on French Position on MLF

Report by italian representative to the Atlantic Council A. Alessandrini on objections by French representativ to NATO MLF.

October 29, 1960

General Staff of Defense (SMD) Report, 'NATO military problems. Ten-year plan'

Report on France’s plan to establish a policy of autonomic thermonuclear dissuasion and an analysis of the negative effects such a plan would have, including weakening of the NATO shield and increased risk of nuclear attack on Western Europe.

May 28, 1960

Ministry of Defense Memorandum to the Minister of Defense Andreotti, 'Tripartite Military Agreement'

A collection of progress reports from the sub-commissions of the Accordo Military Tripartito F-I-G of 1957, a military alliance between Italy, France, and Germany, summarizing achievements and future objectives regarding development of co-owned nuclear weapons.