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October 20, 2016

Oral History Interview with Roland Timerbaev

One of the drafters of the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

November 30, 2016

Oral History Interview with Sha Zukang

Ambassador for Disarmament Affairs and Deputy Permanent Representative of the People’s Republic of China to the United Nations Office at Geneva.

June 18, 1954

Record of Interview between the Right Hon. R.G. Casey and Mr. Chou En Lai [Zhou Enlai]

Record of conversation in the third person between Australian official R.G. Casey and Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai during the Geneva Conference. The report describes their discussion of the situations in Korea and Indochina and China's foreign relations.

June 18, 1954

Record of Conversation between R.G. Casey and Chou En-lai [Zhou Enlai], Geneva, 18th June 1954

Record of conversation in first person by Australian official R.G. Casey during the Geneva Conference 1954. Casey discusses his first meeting with Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and describes Zhou's attitude toward the situation in Korea and Indochina.

June 17, 1954

Notes on Possible Topics for Discussion with Chou En-lai [Zhou Enlai]

The notes indicates Australia's focus on peace in Indochina and improving relations with China.

February 6, 1965

Record of the First Contact between Premier Zhou and Vice Premier Chen Yi and Kosygin

Premier Zhou and others meet to discuss the current situations in South Vietnam and Laos, U.S. and Soviet strategy, and Chinese-Soviet competition over civil aviation, among other pressing issues.

December 19, 1963

Record of the Third Conversation between Premier Zhou Enlai and President Nasser

Zhou Enlai describes the state of Sino-American relations and Sino-Indian relations. Zhou and Nasser also discuss the Egyptian economy and Sino-Egyptian relations.

January 2, 1958

Address by Polish Foreign Minister Rapacki at the United Nations General Assembly, 'Polish proposal for a European Zone Free From Atomic Weapons'

In response to the arming of West Germany, Rapacki proposes a European Nuclear Weapon Free Zone.

September 26, 1962

Report by the Department of External Affairs, Disarmament Unit, 'India and Nuclear Disarmament'

this document describes India’s overall stances towards nuclear disarmament


Report on Indian Foreign Policy and Nuclear Disarmament

Over the years, in the United Nations and elsewhere, India has patiently and persistently continued her efforts to help in finding a solution for the global nuclear disarmament