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November 2, 1978

Council of Ministers of the German Democratic Republic, 'Decision on the Directive for the Negotiations to Sign an Agreement about Trade and Payment Transactions with the Government of the PR China in 1979'

A detailed overview of trade negotiations between China and East Germany.

July 16, 1990

National Intelligence Daily for Monday, 16 July 1990

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for Monday, 16 July 1990 describes the latest developments in USSR, Poland, Iraq, East Germany and Afghanistan.

March 27, 1989

National Intelligence Daily for Monday, 27 March 1989

The CIA's National Intelligence Daily for 27 March 1989 covers developments in Haiti, the Soviet Union, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Ecuador, Lebanon, and East Germany. Certain portions of the document are redacted due to b(1) and b(3) exemptions.

May 14, 1987

Note about a Meeting of Comrade Dr. Herbert Weiz with Comrade Li Peng, on 14 May 1987

Both sides report on current economic conditions in their respective countries and discuss plans for future cooperation, specifically in science and technology.

November 28, 1989

Special Analysis: Germanys: Betrothed, No Date Set

An analysis of the future of relationship between East and West Germany and their potential unification.

August 23, 1989

East Germany: Leadership Concerns

An analysis of diminishing faith in East Germany's leadership.

July 18, 1990

Johann Plattner, Austrian Foreign Ministry, 'German Unity; State of Affairs in mid-July 1990'

The report assesses German unity in three parts. The first regards internal factors of integration such as integrating monetary systems and elections. The next portion regards external factors, focusing mainly on the USSR's parameters for reunification regarding NATO and Poland's western border. Finally, the report assesses German reunification and predicts the process will be complete by the end of the year (1990). In addition, it discusses the positive prospects for European Unity and emphasizes Austria's role in binding a newly united Germany to Western Europe.

November 24, 1989

Memorandum of Conversation Austrian Chancellor Franz Vranitzky and East German Prime Minister Hans Modrow, East-Berlin

The conversation details various changes needed in the GDR, including within the economy, electoral law, and foreign relations. They further discuss Austria's role in the two German states.

June 8, 1989

Assessment Paper by the Austrian Foreign Ministry, '[Excerpt] Eastern Europe; Current Assessment'

The paper addresses the change in economics, politics, and social structures in the Soviet bloc (Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, and the GDR) as a result of the USSR loosening up regulations.

April 1, 1952

Meetings with Wilhelm Pieck, Walter Ulbricht, Otto Grotewobl, Fred Oelsner, and Stalin

Stalin and a delegation of German officials discuss aspects of German economic and military needs, in order to discuss how the Soviet Union can assist them.