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August 9, 1989

National Intelligence Daily for Wednesday, 9 August 1989

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 9 August 1989 describes the latest developments in Iran, Lebanon, the Soviet Union, Afghanistan, Poland, Suriname, South Korea, and East Germany.

January 21, 1983

About Activities of the Political Police and the Office for Protection of the Constitution against Iranian Citizens in the GDR and West Berlin

A report on surveillance activities of members of the Tudeh Party living in West Berlin.

July 9, 1982

American Secret Service Introduces Former Highly Placed Officials from the Iranian Secret Service SAVAK in West Berlin

A source claims that a former employee of the Iranian secret service is cooperating with the United States and is "active in West Berlin."

August 13, 1981

Activities of Iranian Left Extremist Groups in West Berlin

A report from a "trusted informal collaborator" claims that Iranian leftist groups will seek to enter East German to protest or attack the embassy of Iran.

May 7, 1984

Lieutenant-Colonel Otto, 'Conversation Memo'

Notes on a conversation about Stasi (MfS) support for the Communist Party of Turkey and People's Party of Iran (Tudeh) through consultations, training, and protection for leaders living and operating in East Germany.

February 12, 1981

GDR-Iran Exchange of Opinions

Representatives of the German Democratic Republic and the Islamic Republic of Iran discuss the arms race, the presence of superpowers in Afghanistan, the Persian Gulf, and the Indian Ocean, the Iran-Iraq conflict, and the potential for bilateral cooperation between East Germany and Iran.

October 16, 1979

Report about a Meeting with Informal Collaborator "Reza"

Meeting with an Iranian-born informal collaborator in East Germany on the activities of Iranians in the GDR, the Tudeh Party, and members of the Iranian Embassy.


About the Last Operation/ Operational Mission of Comrade [redacted]

Description of the work of an East German agent in Iran who worked with the Stasi (MfS).

June 8, 1987

Stenographic Transcript of the Official talks between Erich Honecker and Zhao Ziyang

Zhao Ziyang and Honecker discuss economic and political reforms in China, bilateral relations between China and East Germany, attempts to reduce nuclear and chemical weapons stockpiles, and China's attitudes toward the Iran-Iraq War, Japan, the United States, and the Soviet Union.

January 21, 1987

Activities by the Iraqi Embassy to Find Out About Assumed Arms Deals between GDR and Iran

Information from a source in the Iraqi Embassy on a meeting to discuss the deteriorating relations between Iraq and East Germany. Iraqi officials are suspicious that East Germany is exporting arms or military equipment to Iran, but so far do not have any conclusive evidence.