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October 26, 1977

GDR Ministry for State Security, 'Note on Information about Increased Activities by Extremist Palestinian Groups'

East German intelligence report on relationships and splits within the Palestine Liberation Organization.

June 29, 1991

National Intelligence Daily for Saturday, 29 June 1991

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 29 June 1991 describes the latest developments in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Kuwait, the Soviet Union, Palestine, Jordan, Ethiopia, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Togo, Czechoslovakia and Lebanon.

August 1, 1983

Letter from Erich Honecker to Yasser Arafat

Honecker criticizes aggressive US policy in Europe, emphasizes the importance of unity among the Arab states and reassures the PLO of continuing GDR support in its struggle for an independent Palestinian state.

October 27, 1983

GDR Ministry for State Security, 'Information about The Escalation of Conflicts within the PLO'

The report evaluates the internal situation of the PLO, which lost its bases in southern Lebanon and is exposed to increased pressure by Arab governments. The report describes the conflict between Arafat and the Syrian branch of the PLO and notes the increase in Syrian influence following a violent incident in Tripoli, in which Arafat and the Muslim Brothers were supposedly involved. Regardless of Syria's strength, the report states that Arafat has shown no inclination to work with the Syrian government. It concludes that a split seems likely, especially since Arafat has oriented himself towards the reactionary Arab forces.

September 15, 1988

Note of a Meeting between the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the SED and Chairman, Comrade Erich Honecker, and the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the PLO, Yasser Arafat, on 15 September 1988

Arafat reports that the First Intifada, which began ten months earlier, has strengthened the PLO. He describes the PLO’s plans going forward and their anticipated impact on Israel. Honecker expresses East Germany’s steadfast support for the PLO and talks about potential progress towards peace on the international stage.

December 15, 1988

Memorandum of a Conversation between Erich Honecker and Yasser Arafat in Berlin

The conversation focuses on the PLO's recent attempts to reach an agreement concerning the conflict in the Middle East. Arafat informs Honecker about his efforts to gain support for his initiative from the US and other countries.

March 1, 1978

Agreement between the Socialist Unity Party of Germany and the Palestine Liberation Organization for the Years 1978/1979

The agreement contains the basic elements of SED-PLO relations for 1978/1979, such as the exchange of delegations to consider bilateral relations and the fight against Zionism and imperialism, material support for civil and military purposes, and the exchange of leading personnel of different mass organizations.


Survey of GDR Material Support for the PLO between 1974 and 1980

List of GDR material support for the PLO between 1974 and 1980. The form, quantity and value of the support are listed in detail for each year.

March 9, 1982

Conversation between Erich Honecker and Yasser Arafat (Excerpt)

This is an excerpt of a conversation which appears in full at BA-SAPMO J IV 2/201/1416. The conversation opens with the issue of French-Israeli relations. France plans to deliver a nuclear reactor to Israel to the opposition of the Arab world. Also mentioned are the deliveries of arms from the GDR to the PLO. Arafat reports on the use of chemical weapons by Israel in Lebanon. These weapons were reportedly delivered by the FRG. Israel also seems to use biological weapons. Final topics of discussion are the role of the Pope in Poland, the question of Jerusalem, and the Islamic movement in Afghanistan.

June 30, 1970

SED Central Committee Protocol No. 55/70, ' Support for the Communist Resistance Organization "Al-Ansar"'

This memorandum contains a list of military supplies that were supposed to be delivered to the Al Ansar group, a Palestinian militant group founded by the initiative of the Jordanian Communist Party with the aim to drive the Israeli forces behind the border lines of 5 June 1966. The justification for the delivery is that the Al Ansar group is small and ill-equipped. The final word on whether these supplies were delivered is not contained in the document.