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October 1982

Conclusions from the Visit to the Syrian Arab Republic(11 to 14 October 1982)

October 15, 1982

Transcript of the talks between Erich Honecker and Hafez al-Assad, on 11 and 12 October 1982 in Damascus

February 15, 1972

Report from Etre Sándor, 'Foreign visits of the DPRK’s governmental delegations. Visit of Comrade Pak Seong-cheol to Hungary'

A report by Etre Sandor providing details about five North Korean governmental delegations to Africa and Middle East and the visit of Pak Seong-cheol to Hungary.

October 1973

Draft Letter from Wlli Stoph to the President of the Syrian Arab Republic Hafez al-Assad

Stoph writes to Hafez al-Assad condemning the 'aggression' of Israel against Syria. Stoph expresses his respect for the Syrian people and their endurance.

November 3, 1973

Letter from Erich Honecker to Syrian President Hafez al-Assad

Honecker announces the delivery of arms to the Syrian Arab Republic.

January 13, 1970

Telegram from Walter Ulbricht to General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev

Ulbricht informs Brezhnev about his visit to the UAR following an invitation from Nasser. He also says that he wants to get in contact with the Soviet Ministry for Foreign Affairs in order to establish a common line to present to the UAR. Ulbricht also announces a visit to the SAR and Iraq.

October 27, 1983

GDR Ministry for State Security, 'Information about The Escalation of Conflicts within the PLO'

The report evaluates the internal situation of the PLO, which lost its bases in southern Lebanon and is exposed to increased pressure by Arab governments. The report describes the conflict between Arafat and the Syrian branch of the PLO and notes the increase in Syrian influence following a violent incident in Tripoli, in which Arafat and the Muslim Brothers were supposedly involved. Regardless of Syria's strength, the report states that Arafat has shown no inclination to work with the Syrian government. It concludes that a split seems likely, especially since Arafat has oriented himself towards the reactionary Arab forces.

October 11, 1973

Letter from [Syrian President] Hafez al-Assad to [Chairman of the State Council of the GDR] Willi Stoph

Hafez al-Assad tells Stoph about the escalation of the war and about Israeli bombardment of civilian facilities and houses.

November 3, 1973

Letter from GDR Leader Erich Honecker to Syrian President Hafez al-Assad

Letter from Erich Honecker to Syrian President Hafez al-Assad expressing the GDR's opposition to the Israeli occupation of land acquired during the 1967 Six-Day War, and enumerating the military equipment which had recently been delivered to Syria from the GDR.

October 1973

Letter from Syrian President Hafez al-Assad to GDR State Council Chairman Willi Stoph

Undated letter from Syrian President Hafez al-Assad to GDR State Council Chairman Willi Stoph requesting support in conflict with Israel