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August 23, 1989

East Germany: Leadership Concerns

An analysis of diminishing faith in East Germany's leadership.

November 24, 1989

Memorandum of Conversation Austrian Chancellor Franz Vranitzky and East German Prime Minister Hans Modrow, East-Berlin

The conversation details various changes needed in the GDR, including within the economy, electoral law, and foreign relations. They further discuss Austria's role in the two German states.

January 31, 1947

Meeting Friday in Moscow with Stalin

Stalin meets with a German delegation to discuss economic conditions in Germany as well as to discuss the political situation in Soviet occupied territory.

December 18, 1948

Result of the 4-hour Meeting with Wilhelm Pieck, Walter Ulbricht, Otto Grotewohl, Fred Oelsne, and Stalin

Stalin meets with German officials to discuss various aspects of the post-war German economy and government.

December 5, 1989

Record of Conversation between M. S. Gorbachev and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the FRG H.D. Genscher

Record of a conversation between M.S. Gorbachev and H.D. Genscher discussing Helmut Kohl's Ten Points. Genscher expresses interest in negotiating with FRG and passing reforms in the GDR.

November 11, 1989

Record of Telephone Conversation between M. S. Gorbachev and Chancellor of the FRG Helmut Kohl. Moscow-Bonn.

Gorbachev and Kohl discuss reforms in the GDR to stabilize the situation and to decrease the number of people crossing the border.

October 13, 1989

Memorandum Regarding a Conversation between Vadim Medvedev and Kurt Hager in the CC of the CPSU in Moscow

Medvedev and Hager discuss the future of the GDR and new resolutions to appease citizens of the GDR.

June 21, 1953

Memorandum from Karl Schirdewan to First Secretaries of the District Leadership of the SED

Schirdewan orders the First Secretaries of the District Leadership of the SED to employ party members to seek out personal conversations and inquiries with individuals in the GDR after the East German Uprising. He provides specific questions for Party members to ask, in order to determine the temperament of the workers towards the GDR government and suggestions for improvement.

July 8, 1953

Report from Maj.-Gen. Sergei Dengin to Vladimir Semyonov, 'On the Situation in the Soviet Sector of Berlin'

Sergei Dengin states that a series of strikes are occurring in the Soviet Sector of Berlin, following the East German Uprising. It is reported that GDR inhabitants are generally dissatisfied with the under allocation of food products, steel, electricity, and other resources. Jendretzky has agreed to take measures to improve the supply of resources, strengthen government authority, and control the spread of provocative rumors.

December 5, 1980

Werner Krolikowski, "Comment on the Report of the PB to the 13th Plenum of the SED CC, which was prepared and submitted by Günther Mittag," handwritten, [excerpt]

Excerpt of set of notes written by Werner Krolikowski; includes his fourth point, which discusses the effects of the changes taking place in Poland; addresses socialist development in Poland and counterrevolution.