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October 22, 1976

Cable No. 17944, US Embassy Bonn to the Secretary of State, 'Expulsions of North Korean Diplomats from Scandinavian Countries'

An official at the American Embassy in Bonn discusses the North Korean smuggling scandals in Scandinavia, suggests possible connections between the scandals and North Korean Embassies elsewhere in Europe, and confirms the absence of North Korean smuggling in the Federal Republic of Germany.

December 18, 1968

Memorandum from Department Head Egon Bahr, 'Establishment of Relations with the Communist States in Asia'

Bahr discusses the possibility of West Germany establishing relations with China, Mongolia, North Korea, or North Vietnam.

July 22, 1967

Report, Embassy of Hungary in North Korea to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry, 22 July 1967

Károly Fendler analyzes the situation that Park Chung Hee regime faces internally as well as internationally, and North Korea's strategies for inducing a communist revolution in South Korea.

July 23, 1973

Note On a Conversation with the Acting Hungarian Ambassador to the DPRK, Comrade Dr. Taraba, on 19 July 1973 in the Hungarian Embassy.

Heo Dam briefs Dr. Taraba on South Korea's intention to apply for UN membership, North Korea's foreign relations with East and West Germany, and Kim Il Sung's new proposals on unification.

October 7, 1960

Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 7 October 1960

Kim Tae-hui briefs the foreign diplomatic community in the DPRK on the struggles in South Korea and for the peaceful reunification of the country.

February 26, 1958

Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 26 February 1958

Puzanov discusses with Nam Il and Kim Il Sung about the US and FRG statements to return two American and two FRG citizens who were on the aircraft which flew into DPRK from South Korea on February 16 and preparations for the DPRK response.

December 23, 1968

Note about a Conversation between Comrade Herrmann and Comrade Putivez, 2nd Secretary of the USSR Embassy, on 9 December 1968 in the USSR Embassy

Hermann questioned Putiwtz on North Korea's foreign policy, including its relations with other socialist countries, Pakistan, and capitalist coutries while Putiwitz discussed economic cooperation and political relations between the Soviet Union and North Korea.

May 26, 1959

Note about a Conversation between the DPRK Ambassador in Berlin Comrade Pak Il-yeong and Comrades Kohrt and Demel on 26 May 1959 at 1500 hours

Discussion on organizational problems with South Korean students in western countries, who intend to live in North Korea, and about German reunifcation.