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March 21, 1990

Minutes of a Conversation of Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki with US President George Bush

Over two days of meetings, Bush and Mazowiecki discuss German reunification, the future of relations with the Soviet Union/Russia, and NATO.

February 24, 1958

Code Message No. 2392 from Ambassador Szymanowski in Stockholm to Ogrodziński

The FRG government requests Polish support in linking the issue of German reunification to the larger conversation about European security. The FRG wishes to remind the Soviet government of its commitment to negotiations on this issue.

January 7, 1958

Unsigned Draft Code Message to Director Blusztain

This message summarizes responses to the Rapacki Plan from countries in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and North America.

January 7, 1958

Code Message No. 337 from Deputy Minister Nazkowski to Szymanowski (Stockholm)

Deputy Minister Marian Naszkowski offers guidance for swaying public opinion in Sweden in favor of the Rapacki plan.

October 22, 1976

Cable No. 17944, US Embassy Bonn to the Secretary of State, 'Expulsions of North Korean Diplomats from Scandinavian Countries'

An official at the American Embassy in Bonn discusses the North Korean smuggling scandals in Scandinavia, suggests possible connections between the scandals and North Korean Embassies elsewhere in Europe, and confirms the absence of North Korean smuggling in the Federal Republic of Germany.

October 11, 1973

Meeting of Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Zhou Enlai at the State Guest House (Diaoyutai)

Zhou Enlai offers Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau an extensive history of the Chinese Civil War and Chinese Revolution. Zhou also comments on China's foreign policy positions toward and views on the Soviet Union, nuclear war, Bangladesh, revisionism, and great power hegemony, among other topics.

October 11, 1961

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Poland, 'Some Noteworthy Situations from the Polish Leadership’s Open Remarks on International Issues'

The Chinese Embassy reports on Gomułka's foreign policies.

June 27, 1958

Polish Special Report on German Military Reorganization

Chief of General Staff Gregorz Korczynski reports on the Bundestag's decision to allow the Bundeswehr to acquire atomic bombs and missiles and describes the appropriate next steps to take.

October 28, 1969

Telegram Number 2142-08, 'Conversation with the Deputy-Minister of Foreign Affairs (Europe)'

Luo Guibo is curious about developments in West German-Soviet relations and the Conference on European Security, while Etienne Manac’h inquires about China's appointment of ambassadors to Europe.

November 9, 1989

Conversation between Chancellor Helmut Kohl and Solidarity Leader Lech Walesa

In this extraordinary conversation, Solidarity’s leader fears the collapse of the Wall would distract West Germany’s attention - and money - to the GDR, at the time when Poland, the trail-blazer to the post-communist era in Eastern Europe, desperately needed both. "Events are moving too fast," Walesa said, and only hours later, the Wall fell, and Kohl had to cut his Poland visit short to scramble back to Berlin, thus proving Walesa’s fear correct.