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May 30, 1958

Letter, Robert Kelley to Howland H. Sargeant

Deputy to the President for Europe Robert Kelley reviews for AMCOMLIB President Sargeant RL personnel and policy issues and relations with the West German government.

December 5, 1957

Conference with Dr. Oncken of the Foreign Office in Bonn on November 28, 1957

AMCOMLIB European Counsel Paul Mueller informs the Deputy to the President, Europe of his discussions with German Foreign Office official Onken about a staff termination with political ramifications and assures him of efforts to avoid publicity about the case.

March 21, 1990

Minutes of a Conversation of Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki with US President George Bush

Over two days of meetings, Bush and Mazowiecki discuss German reunification, the future of relations with the Soviet Union/Russia, and NATO.

July 5, 1961

Record of a Conversation between N. S. Khrushchev and Chen Yi, Deputy Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China

Chen asks Khrushchev to go over the pressing international issues and he presents the USSR's stances on the situation in Laos, South Korea, and Cuba. Khrushchev also raises problems in GDR and difficulties in negotiations with Western powers with regards to the German question. Khrushchev also mentions Soviet plans to launch a spaceship and resume nuclear testing. The two leaders also discuss the challenges of agricultural development.

September 30, 1989

National Intelligence Daily for Saturday, 30 September 1989

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 30 September 1989, describes the latest developments in Lebanon, Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, Philippines, the United States, Greece, Hungary, El Salvador, Panama, Thailand, and Nicaragua.

May 18, 1989

National Intelligence Daily for Thursday, 18 May 1989

The CIA's National Intelligence Daily for 18 May 1989 describes the latest developments in China, the Soviet Union, Ethiopia, Panama, El salvador, Venezuela, West Germany, Bolivia, Poland, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Philippines.

July 9, 1982

American Secret Service Introduces Former Highly Placed Officials from the Iranian Secret Service SAVAK in West Berlin

A source claims that a former employee of the Iranian secret service is cooperating with the United States and is "active in West Berlin."

January 7, 1958

Unsigned Draft Code Message to Director Blusztain

This message summarizes responses to the Rapacki Plan from countries in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and North America.

November 26, 1969

US Embassy Bonn Telegram 15293, 'NPT – Text of FRG Note on NPT Signature'

This telegram detailed the conditions under which the West German's would ratify the NPT, which depended on the results of EURATOM-IAEA safeguards negotiations.

November 28, 1969

State Department Telegram 199360 to US Embassy Bonn, 'FRG and Swiss NPT Signatures'

On 28 November 1969, West German Ambassador to the United States Rolf Pauls signed the NPT at the State Department and delivered a statement and a detailed note. At the signing Secretary Rogers spoke about the treaty’s value, the “historic” importance of the West German signature, the U.S. understanding that the UN Charter “confers no right to intervene by force unilaterally in the Federal Republic of Germany,” and a reaffirmation of U.S. security guarantees to NATO and the Federal Republic.