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July 6, 1990

National Intelligence Daily for Friday, 6 July 1990

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for Friday, 6 July 1990 describes the latest developments in USSR, Albania, Liberia, Poland, Bulgaria and Nicaragua.

November 25, 1965

Note on FRG and MLF

Summary of FRG Foreign Minister Gerhard Schroeder's meetings in London on question of command and control of atlantic nuclear force.

April 2, 1990

Assessment by the Austrian Foreign Ministry, 'German Unity, State of affairs in April 1990'

The document is an updated assessment of German reunification from the Austrian foreign ministry. The assessment begins with addressing three areas which include integrating economic and monetary systems, unifying under current legal framework, and the drop in GDR emigration after the 1990 elections. The next portion focuses on external relations including the new Four Power responsibilities, European political-military affairs, Poland's Western Border, the eradication of the Berlin agreement, and Western European countries influence specifically on intelligence activities. The final part solely concerns Western Germany's projected timeline for total reunification.

March 22, 1961

Message by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate General for Political Affairs and Security (DGAP), 'American attitude toward NATO -
German opinions'

Letter expressing Germany’s opinion that the defense of Europe is impossible without using nuclear weapons as an intimidation tactic and horror at the United States’ suggestion that Europe can defend itself with conventional weapons alone. Defense of Germany should be NATO’s top priority because if Germany falls, the rest of Europe falls. The letter also references NATO’s difficulty in developing a cohesive strategy because each country is too concerned with protecting its own territories and assets.

April 14, 1987

Memorandum by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'The FNI negotiations. The problem of SRINF and that of the "conversion". West Germany's stance'

The document briefly describes the US and Soviet views on the question of SRINF reductions, and discusses the German concerns about the process.

June 27, 1958

Polish Special Report on German Military Reorganization

Chief of General Staff Gregorz Korczynski reports on the Bundestag's decision to allow the Bundeswehr to acquire atomic bombs and missiles and describes the appropriate next steps to take.