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January 19, 1962

Visit of the Italian Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary to the U.K. in Jan. 1962, Brief No. 5, 'Sino-Soviet Relations and Albania: East-West Relations Generally'

Written for the visit of Italian Prime Minister Amintore Fanfani (January 1962), this brief describes the Sino-Soviet split as well as Albania's international relations.

June 30, 1976

MAE Cable on Italian Ratification of the NPT

Memo by ambassador to the UK R. on disagreement by the British government over the Italian interpretation of art. 1 and 2 of the NPT regarding PNE (Peaceful Nuclear Explosion).

August 14, 1976

MAE Report on Italian Ratification of the NPT

Analysis by MAE litigation service on the scope and legal relevance of the reaction by depositary states and Australia to the Italian declaration of May 4 1975on the issue of nuclear weapons and other nuclear explosive devices.

January 1, 1964

MAE cable on Atlantic Nuclear Force

Outline of Italy's position vis-à-vis the british project for an Atlantic Nuclear Force.

January 15, 1963

MAE Cable Report on NATO and Nuclear Forces

Note by ambassador to the UK Pietro Quaroni on NATO US leadership, nuclear balance, european nuclear deterrent, conventional armaments and bilateral relations between European countries and the US.

July 15, 1963

MAE Cable Report on MLF

Note by ambassador to the UK Pietro Quaroni on meeting with Foreign Minister Douglas-Home after President Kennedy's discussions in Rome on MLF.

July 23, 1963

Note by MD Cabinet on MLF

Summary of Report by Italian embassy in London on discussions between ambassador Quaroni and british foreign minister Douglas-Home on NATO MLF.

November 21, 1964

Telespresso by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Ministry of Defense, 'Multilateral Nuclear Force. British proposals'

The document consists of the transcript of what has been told to the Italian Embassy in London (Cattani), November 20th about British remarks with regard to Atlantic Nuclear Force project. The document describes the features of the project, reports the disadvantages that could derive from the proposal and the British doubts about that. In addition, the document underlines the goals and the features that - from the Italian point of view - the MLF project could and should have.

July 4, 1974

Letter by the Italian Ambassador in London, Raimondo Manzini, to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Aldo Moro

Italian Ambassador to London, Raimondo Manzini, writes to Foreign minister Moro in the aftermath of the 1974 Ottawa Declaration. He discusses the British interest in reviving the Special Relationship with the US and its effects on European politics, and suggests that through intensified dialogue and cooperation, an Anglo-Italian solidarity could function as a counterweight to the close Franco-German relations.

May 28, 1960

Report to the Minister of Defense Andreotti on the Trilateral Military Agreement

Report on the Trilateral Military Agreement that Italy signed with Germany, France and England in 1957. Defense Ministers from those countries decided to increase military cooperation. This report to the Italian Defense Minister Andreotti is about the outcomes of the alliance in the ballistic sector.The document describes all new weapons developed and new aircrafts projects on the floor.