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December 28, 1948

Letter, Paul Comly French, Executive Director of CARE, to President Truman

An unusual request reached President Truman’s desk in December 1948. It was written by the executive director of CARE, the humanitarian agency responsible for getting food aid to Europeans in the wake of World War II. 

March 26, 1993

Memorandum of Conversation: Meeting with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, March 26, 1993, 10:40 - 11:55 am

Clinton and Kohl discuss German-American relations, the situation in Russia, the Russo-Japanese territorial dispute, and other international issues.

November 28, 1967

Letter, Harry S. Truman to Father Paul White

Harry Truman dismisses the request from Father Paul White to build a hospital in South Korea bearing Truman's namesake.

October 15, 1967

Letter, Father Paul White to President Harry S. Truman

Father Paul White, a resident near the 38th Parallel, proposes the establishment of the Truman Memorial Hospital in South Korea.

July 10, 1952

Telegram, Ambassador Wellington Koo to the Taipei Presidential Palace

Koo reports on his observation of the President Harry S. Truman's attitude toward dispatching the Kuomintang's army to the Korean War.

June 8, 1945

Cable, Summary of Averell Harriman Meeting with Stalin and Molotov

Harriman updates the President on the adverse relations between the USSR and the United States; observes that Stalin cannot understand the United State's interest in establishing an independent Poland.

September 9, 1950

National Security Council Report, NSC 81/1, "United States Courses of Action with Respect to Korea"

The National Security Council reports to President Truman on possible US courses of action in resposne to the North Korean invasion of South Korea.

March 16, 1949

National Security Council Report, NSC 8/1, 'The Position of the United States with Respect to Korea'

Report by the National Security Council to the President on US policy objectives regarding Korea.

March 12, 1947

Truman Doctrine, 'Recommendations for Assistance to Greece and Turkey'

Truman's speech to Congress in which he laid the foundations of the Truman Doctrine by stating that the United States would support Greece and Turkey in order to prevent them from under the sway of the Soviet Union. This speech is often cited as the beginning of the Cold War, and US containment policy.