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December 1, 1980

Recommendation for the Reagan Administration Nonproliferation Policy

Following Reagan’s election in November 1980, his transition team in charge of nuclear matters called for a clean, dramatic break from the policies of the outgoing Carter administration. As for relations with the IAEA, a vital component of the policy, the ACDA paper argued that Washington should employ the agency as an agent to achieve its nonproliferation goals. The IAEA and the NPT were to be “further strengthened and given greater U.S. support.” To reinforce U.S. influence over the agency, it was recommended that “support to the IAEA in the form of financial contribution, manpower and technical advice should be increased significantly.

August 9, 1944

Conversation Between Mikolajczyk and Stalin

Stalin and Mikolajczyk discuss aid to Polish fighters in Warsaw and Post War Poland and Germany


Draft Versions of Article 4 of Soviet-Chinese Border Security Negotiations

This working document shows four different working drafts of negotiations of Article 4, which related to reduction of armed forces at the Sino-Soviet border.


Report on the Withdrawal of Soviet Troops from Eastern Europe

This report lists the quantities of troops and pieces of military equipment that were being withdrawn from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, the GDR, and Poland. It also details alternate timelines for withdrawal proposed by leadership in Central and Eastern Europe.

January 1989

Memo Regarding the Issue of the Lease of a Soviet Nuclear Submarine to India

This document discusses potential political repercussions of the Soviet Union's lease of a nuclear submarine to India vis-a-vis Pakistan and the USSR's global status.


Memo Concerning the Question of Giving Technical Assistance to Iran in the Design of a Tactical Missile System

This document, most likely from 1990-91, discusses Iran's request to the Soviet Union for assistance in the design of Tactical Missile System. The writer expresses the opinion that assistance should not be provided in the interest of preventing further escalation between Iran and Israel.


Memo Concerning Economic Cooperation between the USSR and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

This memo details the SRV's economic development in the 1980's and highlights prospects for continued economic cooperation with the Soviet Union in the agricultural and energy sectors.

Date unknown

Letter from Vitalii Kataev to O. I. Lobov about the Establishment of Relations with Taiwan

Kataev proposes to Lobov, Chairman of the Expert Council under the President of the Russian Federation, that economic and diplomatic relations with Taiwan can be established through the "buffer" of private companies, as was done in the case of the German company "Binitek".

December 20, 1995

Letter from Vitalii Kataev to General Director S. V. Mikheyev of the Kamov Firm regarding South Korean Purchase of Helicopters

This letter details a South Korean proposal to purchase 200 helicopters from the Kamov Firm.

December 16, 1995

Letter from Vitalii Kataev to Malyshev regarding a South Korean Company's Purchase of Russian Helicopters

This letter, sent to the General Director of Kumertau Aviation, details a South Korean company's proposal to purchase 200 helicopters.