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March 3, 1989

Record of Conversation Between M.S. Gorbachev and Member of the Central Committee of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party, Chairman of Council of Ministers of the People’s Republic of Hungary Miklos Nemeth

Conversation between Gorbachev and Nemeth regarding the priorities of the Central Committee of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party.

June 16, 1953

Transcript of the Conversation between the Soviet Leadership and the Hungarian Workers' Party Delegation in Moscow

Discussion of the reorganization of the Hungarian government and various reforms following Stalin's death.

June 14, 1953

Transcript of Conversation among the Hungarian Workers' Party Delegation in Moscow

Following discussions with the Soviet leadership in Moscow, the Hungarian delegation discusses reforms to be implemented in Hungary.

December 7, 1976

Resolution of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 'Request from the Leadership of People's Party of Iran'

Resolution of the TsK KPSS Secretariat re a request from the People's Party of Iran that the central committee, either of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany, the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party, or the Romanian Communist Party, provide illegal radio broadcasting to Iran for three hours a day.

August 27, 1980

Cipher Telegram from Pyongyang, 'KWP party congress, invitation of a HSWP (Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party) delegation'

A report on the invitation of the Hungarian Socialist Worker's Party delegation to the Korean Workery's Party congress.


The Korean Workers’ Party’ 6th Congress

Note on the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party's participation at the KWP congress.

September 9, 1980

Telegram from the Hungarian Embassy in Berlin, 'The Korean Workers’ Party’s 6th Congress'

A report on the German Socialist Unity Party participating in the 6th Korean Workers' Party Congress.

August 23, 1971

HSWP CC Foreign Affairs Department Proposal on the financial support for the Israeli Communist Party

This is a proposal by the Hungarian Foreign Affairs Department to grant 5000 USD in financial aid to the Israeli Communist Party.

July 18, 1967

János Kádár’s speech at a HSWP Political Committee meeting on military support for 'friendly' Arab countries in 1967

In this speech, János Kádár supports giving aid to "friendly" Middle East Countries, however he requests that more information be obtained from the recipient countries and that the aid be divided into "prompt assistance" and "long-term assistance."

August 24, 1989

Information of the Romanian Embassy in Budapest to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1415 hrs

A Romanian official at the Embassy in Budapest reports on the Hungarian response to Ceaușescu's 19 August 1989 appeal regarding the situation in Poland.