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December 5, 1989

National Intelligence Daily for Tuesday, 5 December 1989

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 5 December 1989 describes the latest developments in Philippines, East Germany, the Soviet Union, South Korea, Cambodia, Chile, Warsaw Pact, European Community, Czechoslovakia and Eastern Europe.

June 26, 1989

Memorandum of Conversation Foreign Ministers Alois Mock (Austria) and Gyula Horn (Hungary)

Transcript of official visit between Foreign Minister Horn (Hungary) with Foreign Minister Mock (Austria). In it they discuss Western European integration including Hungary's participation, the Europe Free Trade Agreement, and Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe. They continue with the development of Eastern Europe elaborating the developments with the Warsaw Pact, Hungarian/USSR relations, reforming Hungarian policy, and Austria's place in these changing times.

March 4, 1972

Report by Etre Sándor, 'Korean opinion on various current issues'

A report by Etre Sandor on a conversation between Pak Seong-cheol and Frigyes Puja regarding Nixon’s visit to China, Chinese-North Korean-Soviet relations, and the situation inside North Korea.

October 31, 1988

Memorandum, 'Re: Chinese Views on Some Aspects of Hungarian and Soviet Reform Policies'

The Hungarian Ministry of the Interior weighs how China views the ongoing reforms in Hungary.

July 18, 1988

Letter, 'Re: Chinese and Japanese Diplomats on Foreign Policy Issues'

Chinese and Japanese views on politics in the Soviet Union and the reforms ongoing in Hungary.

December 1987

Chinese Views on Hungarian Economic Reforms and Sino-Hungarian Trade Relations

A Hungarian assessment on China's reform and opening and China's views of reforms ongoing inside of Hungary.