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October 13, 1966

USSR Council of Ministers Directive

The directive provides details on the decision to build the atomic power station in Hungary, and how payment will be handled.

October 13, 1966

Extract from Protocol No. 23, Meeting of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU on 13 October 1966, 'II. On Cooperation between the USSR and the HPR in Construction of Atomic Power Station in Hungary'

Statement of the Politburo confirming drafts about helping Hungary build a nuclear power station and receive a credit from the Soviet Union for that purpose.

June 1966

Directives to Soviet Representatives for Conducting Preliminary Negotiations with the Delegation of Hungarian Experts on the Issue of Rendering Technical Assistance to the HPR in the Construction of an Atomic Power Station

Directive explaining ways Soviet representatives can help Hungarian experts representing the Hungarian People's Republic construct atomic energy stations.

April 28, 1989

National Intelligence Daily for Friday, 28 April 1989

The CIA's National Intelligence Daily for 28 April 1989 describes the latest developments in Lebanon, Iran, China, Vietnam, the Soviet Union, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Hungary, and New Zealand.

November 2, 1989

Special Analysis: Hungary: Reorienting Security Policy

An analysis of increased liberalization in Hungary and the country's membership to the Warsaw Pact.

March 7, 1989

Hungary: Discussing the Possibility of Neutrality

An analysis of the changing relationship between Budapest and Moscow.