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May 9, 1991

National Intelligence Daily for Thursday, 9 May 1991

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 9 May 1991 describes the latest developments in Iraq, Kuwait, Israel, Lebanon, the Soviet Union, India, Pakistan, Yemen, Cambodia, the United Nations and Panama.

February 1, 1975

Message from the President of the [Democratic People's] Republic of Korea, Kim Il Sung, to the President of the [Socialist Federal] Republic [of Yugoslavia], Josip Broz Tito

In remarks conveyed to Tito, Kim Il Sung asks for the support of Yugoslavia in admitting the DPRK into the Non-Aligned Movement with full membership. Elsewhere, he expresses his recognition of Non-Aligned politics, especially the role of Yugoslavia and President Tito in the international community.

February 7, 1955

Memorandum of Conversation between Indian Prime Minister Nehru and Yugoslav President Marshal Tito

In this meeting Nehru and Tito exchange their opinion on European security.

October 16, 1963

Telegram from Ambassador to Mexico on President Tito’s Visit to Mexico

Summary of Tito's visit to Mexico and the text of a joint communiqué.

November 11, 1980

Telegram from the Hungarian Embassy in Pyongyang, 'Foreign opinions regarding the KWP’s 6th Congress'

A report on the foreign opinions regarding the KWP's 6th Congress, stating that the North Korean ideology lacks Marxist elements.

October 26, 1954

Minutes of the Fourth Meeting between Premier Zhou Enlai and Nehru

Zhou Enlai and Nehru touch on issues related to Yugoslavia, Pakistan, the Geneva Conference, and Indonesia.

May 1978

The Overseas Visits of the Delegations of the North Korean Puppets (Analysis)

An analytical report on the overseas visit of the delegations of North Korea.

March 8, 1977

Telegram from the Minister of Foreign

Telegram from the ROK Minister of Foreign Affairs on the issue of North Korea and the Coordinating Bureau of Non-Aligned Movement in New Delhi from April 6 through 11, 1977.

October 19, 1957

Record of a Conversation with DPRK Ambassador Ri Yeong-ho

Yudin receives Ri Yeong-ho on a protocol visit, who discusses his experiences as ambassador to the PRC.

June 27, 1960

Memorandum of Conversation between Albanian Ambassador to the PRC Mihal Prifti and Soviet Ambassador to the PRC Stepan V. Chervonenko

Prifti and Chervonenko discuss Chervonenko's meetings with Peng Zhen on the Sino-Indian border dispute, the decision to send a delegation to the Romanian Workers' Party Congress in Bucharest, and Peng's visit to Moscow. Prifti and Chervonenko also reviewed China's attempts to develop atomic bomb and to compete with the Soviet to be the leader of the world's workers' and communist movement, and the power struggle with the Chinese Communist Party.