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September 22, 1952

Report, Zhou Enlai to the Chairman [Mao Zedong] and the Central Committee

Zhou and Stalin discuss the POW issue, the United Nations and the formation of a new regional organization for Asia, and military cooperation.

November 18, 1957

Excerpt from the Unedited Translation of Mao Zedong’s Speech at the Moscow Conference of Communist and Workers’ Parties

February 22, 1972

Memorandum of Conversation between Richard Nixon and Zhou Enlai

February 27, 1972

Joint Communique between the United States and China

The United States and China pledge to improve relations with one another in the famous "Shanghai Communique."

July 11, 1954

Telegram, Zhou Enlai to Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, and convey to Ho Chi Minh (excerpt)

In this telegram Zhou Enlai first recounts his meeting with leaders of the Soviet Party and their discussion on the topic of the Geneva Conference. In the second part he says that the communist side has not proposed concession on the question of dividing zones, and lastly Zhou says that he will be leaving soon for Geneva to meet with Molotov and Eden before the conference resumes.

July 5, 1954

Transcript, Ho Chi Minh's presentation at the Liuzhou Conference (excerpt)

In his speech to the Liuzhou Conference, Ho Chi Minh thanks Premier Zhou for helping the Communist Party of Indochina. Ho Chi Minh then goes on to talk about the situation in Vietnam, and how they should be pursuing peace, but preparing for both war.

July 3, 1954

Main points, Zhou Enlai's presentations at the Liuzhou Conference (excerpt)

A summary of the main points of Zhou Enlai's presentations given at the Liuzhou Conference July 3-5. Zhou touches on the topic of crucial questions the communist parties are facing, Korea and US intervention, and conditions for armistice.

June 20, 1954

Telegram, CCP Central Committee to Zhou Enlai

Telegram from the CCP Central Committee to Zhou Enlai saying that given the progress made at the Geneva Conference has made armistice and progress possible. Therefore no big operations should be carried out by the Vietnamese People's Army.

June 15, 1954

Telegram, Zhou Enlai to Mao Zedong, Regarding the Thirteenth Restricted Session

Zhou Enlai writes to Chairman Mao, Comrade Shaoqi, and the CCP Central Committee about the thirteenth restricted session of the Geneva Conference. During this session Molotov put forward a twelve-point proposal concerning the joint committee, the supervision committee by countries of neutrality, and the question of international guaranty.

June 15, 1954

Summary, Zhou Enlai's presentation at a meeting of the Chinese, Soviet, and Vietnamese delegations

Zhou Enlai states that under the current situation the communist side should make concessions on the Laos and Cambodia questions so that the conference will continue. Additionally he sees the key issue in the negotiation now is whether to acknowledge that there are Vietnamese troops in the two countries.