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September 18, 1956

Summary of Conversation from Chairman Mao Zedong's Reception of the Indonesian Ambassador to China Soekardjo Wiriopranoto

Mao Zedon and Amb. Wiriopranoto discuss Chinese-Indonesian relations, including dual citizenship of overseas Chinese in Indonesia, relations with Singapore, and prospects for a Japanese invasion.

October 21, 1954

Minutes of the Third Meeting between Premier Zhou Enlai and Nehru

Zhou and Nehru discuss developments in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

October 21, 1954

Talking Points from Premier Zhou Enlai’s Third Meeting with Nehru

Zhou Enlai and Nehru discuss Sino-Indian relations, as well as China and India's views toward Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam, and Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

December 25, 1959

Record of Conversation from Vice Premier Chen Yi's Reception of the Envoys of Fraternal Countries to China

Chen Yi briefs diplomats from the Soviet Union and elsewhere in Eastern Europe on the overseas Chinese crisis in Indonesia.

November 10, 1965

Memorandum of the First Conversation between Premier Zhou Enlai and Vice Premier Ri Ju-yeon

Zhou Enlai and Ri Ju-yeon have an extensive discussion on the situation in Asia and Africa.

November 11, 1965

Record of Second Conversation of Premier Zhou Enlai and Vice Premier Chen Yi with Foreign Minister Pak Seong-cheol

Chen Yi, Zhou Enlai, Pak Seong-cheol, and Ri Ju-yeon have a detailed conversation about the situations in Indonesia, Algeria, Uganda, Mali, Guinea, and members of the Third World.

December 14, 1965

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in North Korea, 'Foreign Minister Pak's Discussion with Ambassador Jiao on Several Issues during the Banquet'

Pak Seong-cheol briefs Ambassador Jiao Ruoyu on the Japan-South Korea treaty, the situations in Indonesia and Vietnam, and the power struggle inside of the Soviet Union.

December 20, 1959

Recommendations for Preparing a Large Welcome for International Chinese

The Chinese government strategizes how it can best bring Overseas Chinese back to the Chinese mainland following the anti-Chinese riots in Indonesia.

February 29, 1960

Ideas for Returned International Chinese Students’ Work

A report on the crackdown against Overseas Chinese in Indonesia and the responses of the Chinese Communist Party.

September 30, 1965

Minutes of Chairman Mao Zedong and Chairman Liu Shaoqi’s Meeting with the Indonesian Delegation

Chairul Seleh of Indonesia met with Mao and discussed nuclear power, Indonesian economy and industry, Chinese-Indonesian relations, and imperialism.