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April 21, 1981

Ministry of the Interior, Department of State Security, Military Unit 0195, No. 329/0058759

Report about Palestinian organizations in Iraq including the Palestinian Liberation Front (PLF) and Al Fatah.

May 17, 1980

Ministry of the Interior, Department of State Security, Military Unit 0544, No. 103/27/0015686

Memo on a Palestinian medical student in Romania, who is a part of the PLO.

March 3, 1980

Colonel Ștefan Blaga, No. 009794/03.03.1980, 'Report regarding the Intelligence Measures undertaken within the PLO Office in Bucharest'

Report about the establishment and activities allowed in the PLO office in Bucharest.

December 5, 1977

Colonel Stefan Blaga, No. 009794/05.12.1977, 'Action Plan: Regarding the Surveillance of Target "OLGA" (PLO)'

An action plan concerning intelligence gathering on the PLO.

September 29, 1970

Protocol of a Conference of Representatives of the Ministries of Internal Affairs and State Security held in Warsaw on 28-29 September 1970

Agreement for cooperation between the intelligences agencies of Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union on "measures to ensure the safety of civilian aircraft from hijacking, [and] acts of sabotage."

March 23, 1959

Report on Visit to Romania on Counterintelligence Issues

A report on the visit that had to improve exchange of information between the two intelligence agencies.


Agreement for Cooperation between Bulgarian and Romanian Ministries of the Interior

The agreement specifies the bilateral cooperation in the intelligence field.