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Table of Contents: 'Papers of the Higher School of the KGB,' Volume 07, Moscow, 1974, 195 pp.

The table of contents for volume 7 of Papers of the Higher School of the KGB. Articles relate to intelligence services of the "imperialist states" and adversaries, including the United States, West Germany, and Israel.

October 10, 1963

John McCone (Director of Central Intelligence Agency) to Mexico City, 'Chinese in Mexico of Operational Interest'

The CIA director reports that the Agency is in control of Liang Sicheng’s brother in the US and is using him to arrange a meeting between the two men in Mexico City, in which Liang Sicheng's defection would be raised as a real possibility.

October 12, 1963

John McCone (Director of Central Intelligence Agency) to Mexico City, 'Cable: Background on CCP Member Born 1901'

A cable sent from CIA headquarters to an agency officer in Mexico City concerning Liang Sicheng and whether or not he could be persuaded to defect to the United States. Though Liang's name was not disclosed during the declassification process, the identifying details match Liang's biography.

November 1963

Chinese Communist Industrial Trade Fair Scheduled to Be Held in Mexico City December 1963

An "information report" from a CIA officer in Mexico City concerning the possible opening of an Chinese Communist industrial trade fair.

May 13, 1964

Memorandum from Howland H. Sargeant, 'References to RLC in The Invisible Government'

AMCOMLIB President Sargeant circulates draft comments on references to RL in the forthcoming book The Invisible Government.

July 5, 1990

Minutes of the Final Meeting with the CIA on 2 July 1990

Krzysztof Kozłowski, Paul Redmond, and others from the Polish and American intelligence services discuss bilateral cooperation, particularly in the area of counterterrorism.

June 30, 1990

Minutes of Talks between the Political and Operational CIA Delegation and the Delegation of the UOP Intelligence Service on 6/30/1990

Paul Redmond (CIA) and Henryk Jasik (UOP) continue discussions on the intelligence apparatuses in their respective countries and the potential for US-Poland intelligence cooperation, particularly in the area of counterterrorism.

June 29, 1990

Minutes of the Meeting of the CIA delegation and the UOP [Office of State Protection] Intelligence Directorate on June 29, 1990

Krzysztof Kozłowski (UOP) and Paul Redmond (CIA) discuss the intelligence services in Poland and the United States and the possibilities for cooperation.

June 29, 1990

Introduction for Discussion by the Chairman of the Polish Group on June 29, 1990 (Counter-terrorism Team)

A copy of the Polish side's presentation at a meeting with the CIA concerning US-Polish cooperation in the area of counterterrorism.

May 14, 1990

Czesław Kiszczak (Minister of Internal Affairs), 'Re: Meeting with Representatives of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States'

The head of Poland's Ministry of Internal Affairs briefs the Polish President and Prime Minister on a recent meeting with CIA representatives and asks for direction on how to proceed in future talks and proposals for intelligence cooperation.