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October 1970

Note from the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, No. 05/04119, 'Regarding the Issues that May Be Raised by the Shah'

Notes preparing the Romanian delegation for a meeting with the Shah of Iran. Stresses Romania's desire to develop and diversify its economic relations with Iran, in spite all the difficulties posed by the closing of the Suez Canal.


Iranian-Romanian Commercial Relations and Prospects for their Development

A report on the Romania-Iran economic relationship, including figures regarding; evolution of exchanges, cooperation activities, loan agreements between Iran and other socialist countries, and Iran's foreign trade. Also includes discussion of Iran's foreign policy, which is described as independent with the purpose of defending Iran's national interests.

April 16, 1967

Telegram from the Romanian Embassy in Teheran, No. 84.075

Dranceanu recounts a conversation with the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. It was brought up that Moscow had suggested that the socialist countries could build a 'consortium' that would receive Iranian oil via a pipeline through the Soviet territory.

March 15, 1967

Minutes of Conversation between Nicolae Ceaușescu and Soltan V.H. Sanandaji, Iran’s New Ambassador to Romania, Bucharest

Ambassador Sanandaji explained to Ceaușescu in March 1967 that the economic growth of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union would require increasing oil imports that could be met by Iran's growing crude production. The question was how this oil would reach the European market and how it would be distributed within the socialist bloc.