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January 21, 1991

Cable, Richard Armitage to the White House for Mr. Robert Gates, 'Hussein/Armitage Meeting January 21, 1991'

The President’s special envoy to Jordan, Richard Armitage, updates the White House on a private talk he had just had with King Hussein. The King briefed Armitage on a secret meeting recently held with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir.

July 26, 1985

[Draft] Letter, Shintaro Abe, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, to George P. Shultz, Secretary of State

In a letter to Secretary of State Schultz, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Abe describes his visits with various countries in the Middle East after the ASEAN Post-Ministerial Conference with Dialogue Partners. He discusses the Iran-Iraq conflict, the American hostages held in Lebanon, and the general issue of peace in the Middle East.

September 1, 1951

The Jordanian-Iraqi Union Project

Report on Iraqi officials who visited Amman in an effort to achieve a Jordanian-Iraqi union.

August 10, 1949

Jordanian-Iraqi Activities against Syria

Report on a meeting between the Jordanians and Iraqis to share information on the activities of the Za'īm government.

July 15, 1949

Rāshīd A'ālī al-Kīlānī [Rachid Ali al Kilani]

Report on Rashid al-Kilani's secret visit to Syria to call to reinforce the movement against the Iraqi government, a visit by Jordanian agents to the Journalist Informer.

May 5, 1949

French Activities

Notes on a meeting at the French Legation in Beirut regarding Commandant [De Ceez]'s recent trip to Baghdad to encourage an agreement between Iraq and Jordan.


King Faisal's Visit to Amman

King Faisal's visit to Amman includes visits to nearby areas like the West Bank and a secret round of negotiations on regional alliances, and Tewfiq abu al-Huda suddenly departs Amman for Beirut during this trip.

January 4, 1957

Untitled report on a visit to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

During a visit to Jordan, Chehab learns of Arab military developments, including the activity of Syrian, Egyptian, and Palestinian soldiers, as well as King Hussein's policies regarding al-Nabulsi and King Saud.

December 1, 1948

A Special Report

Meeting between Iraqi delegation and King Abdullah.

August 4, 1948

The Iraqi Parliamentary Delegation's Visit to Jordan and Syria, and King Abdullah’s Attempts at Annexing Palestine to Jordan based on Bernadotte's Plan

Description of an Iraqi parliamentary delegation's visit to Jordan and Syria, and King Abdullah’s intent to annex the Arab areas of Palestine to Trans-Jordan.