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September 22, 2016

Oral History Interview with John Simpson

Co-founder of the Programme for Promoting Nuclear Non-Proliferation (PPNN) and director of the Mountbatten Centre for International Studies (MCIS


External Structure of the Iraqi Communist Party

Describes the external structure of the party and its focus including campaigns against the torture of communists, creating a political atmosphere friendly to communism, etc. List of international student organizations involved in the external structure.

December 8, 1979

Ministry for State Security, 'Clashes between Iraqi students in Sofia'

Report on violence between Baathist and Communist Iraqi students in Bulgaria.


The Iraqi Communist Party – Foreign Organization

The recently announced Iraqi Leftist Revolutionary Front releases a statement calling for a political revolutionary front and presenting an agenda for such a front.

March 10, 1980

Note about the Situation Among the National Groups of Iraqi Students in the Soviet Union

In the early months of 1980, Iraqi students are studying in cities all over the Soviet Union. However, Ba'athist students attempt to provoke a mass brawl with the communist students, especially in the city of Tashkent. The Iraqi government then tries to place the blame entirely on the communist Iraqi students, and evidence suggests that the Iraqi government may have been guiding the Ba'athist students.

December 15, 1979

Violence Among Iraqi Students Studying in Hungary and Poland

In November of 1979, the Collegiate of the International Preparatory Institute in Budapest in the People's Republic of Hungary reports fighting between to Iraqi students. This trend of violence with Ba'athist Iraqi students spread to the GDR and Poland as well, forcing the nations to take drastic measures. In Hungary, the Ministry of Education even instructs all universities and colleges in Budapest to not provide any rooms for events and assemblies to foreign students.

December 13, 1979

Violence Between Baathist and Communist Iraqi Students in Bulgaria

In December 1979, the Bulgarian Intelligence Service reports to Berlin on a tense series of situations regarding Arab students studying in Sofia. After several fights break out between Ba'athist and communist students, resulting in many severe injuries, the nation of Iraq decides to recall a large number of its students studying in Bulgaria.

December 9, 1979

Meeting with a Baath Party Member on Conflicts Between Iraqi Communists and Baathists in East Germany and Bulgaria

Summary of a meeting with an informant from the Arab Socialist Baath Party (ASBP) about conflicts between Iraqi communists and Baath party members in East Germany and Bulgaria. The Baathists feel Bulgarian authorities are siding unfairly with the Iraq Communist Party and are planning sanctions in response.

September 8, 1982

Information on Preparations of Iraqi Students in Bulgaria Against S. Hussein’s Regime