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December 1, 1989

National Intelligence Daily for Friday, 1 December 2019

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 1 December 1989 describes the latest developments in Eastern Europe, USSR, Taiwan, Italy, Iran and Bulgaria.

June 28, 1990

National Intelligence Daily for Thursday, 28 June 1990

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 28 June 1990 describes the latest developments in Liberia, the Soviet Union, Israel, Japan, France, Italy and Taiwan.

July 31, 1990

National Intelligence Daily for Tuesday, 31 July 1990

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 31 July 1990 describes the latest developments in Japan, the Soviet Union, European Community, Liberia, Islamic States, Egypt, Fiji and Vietnam.

October 28, 1968

MAE Cable on IAEA Conference: Political Considerations

Report and political analysis by amb. Ducci on the IAEA Conference. The paper discusses the draft resolution presented by Italy, US reaction , USSR attitude, as well as the position of other delegations.

August 14, 1976

MAE Report on Italian Ratification of the NPT

Analysis by MAE litigation service on the scope and legal relevance of the reaction by depositary states and Australia to the Italian declaration of May 4 1975on the issue of nuclear weapons and other nuclear explosive devices.

September 1, 1979

Report by the Special Group on Control of Theater Nuclear Forces

Report by NATO Special Group to the Ministers on how to approach negotiations with the URSS on INF.

November 11, 1964

Cable from MAE to MD on USSR comments on MLF

Note by ambassador to Moscow Straneo on comments by Soviet press regarding meetings between high-level US officials and new british Foreign Minister Patrick Gordon Walker on MLF.

October 11, 1963

MAE Cable Report on MLF

Note by Ambassador to Moscow C.A. Straneo on meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister V. Zorin on Italy's position on MFL.

April 9, 1968

Excerpts from Andrei A. Gromyko’s speech at the April 1968 Plenum of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party

Gromyko discusses negotiations over the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

August 5, 1986

Memorandum by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Consequences of US-Libya conflict'

A comprehensive analysis of the possible consequences of U.S. airstrikes in Libya in the short- , medium-, and long-term. Key themes include the impact on inter-allied relations, reaction from Arab countries, terrorism, and superpower relations.