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July 26, 1985

[Draft] Letter, Shintaro Abe, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, to George P. Shultz, Secretary of State

In a letter to Secretary of State Schultz, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Abe describes his visits with various countries in the Middle East after the ASEAN Post-Ministerial Conference with Dialogue Partners. He discusses the Iran-Iraq conflict, the American hostages held in Lebanon, and the general issue of peace in the Middle East.

February 12, 1994

Cable No. 1461, Ambassador Kuriyama to the Foreign Minister, 'Japan-United States Summit Meeting (Working Lunch, Separate Telegram 4: Russia)'

Clinton and Hosokawa discuss efforts to support economic and political reforms in Russia.

November 12, 1945

From the Journal of V.M. Molotov, 'The Reception of US Ambassador Harriman at 1900 12 November 1945'

Molotov and Harriman argue, respectively, for the Soviet and American proposals for a control mechanism and Far East Commission in Japan, failing to iron out differences between the two proposals.

November 9, 1944

Letter No. 402 from L.D. Wilgress, Canadian Embassy, Moscow, to the Secretary of State for External Affairs, W.L. Mackenzie King

The Canadian Ambassador to the Soviet Union, L.D. Wilgress, thoroughly reviews Soviet foreign policy in Europe, Asia, and in Latin America and its relations with the United States and the United Kingdom. Wilgress optimistically concludes that "the Soviet Government are desirous of co-operating fully with the other great powers."

July 9, 1957

Korean Mission in Japan, Report on Meeting with Minister of the British Embassy

Report on a conversation with the Minister of the British Embassy regarding Korea-Japan talks.

October 26, 1955

Letter, Kim Yong-shik of the Korean Mission in Japan to President Syngman Rhee

Report on the reasons for Ambassador Lacy's resignation

October 19, 1955

Political Report, from Minister Yong Shik Kim [Kim Yong-shik] to Office of the President

Report on followings: Anglo-Japanese trade agreement, Netherland-Japan Talk on war indemnity, Red Chinese Sample Fair