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August 29, 1960

Record of Conversation of N.S. Khrushchev with Prominent Political Figure of Japan M. Suzuki on August 29, 1960

Khrushchev and Suzuki discuss Japan's neutrality, the American intelligence plane incident, and the failure of the Paris summit. 

August 5, 1957

Record of Conversation of N.S. Khrushchev with Vice President of the “Japan-USSR” Friendship Society Kazami Akira

Kazami and Khrushchev discuss the development of Soviet-Japanese relations and Japanese independence. Kazami inquires about the possible participation of Japanese specialist in the industrial development of Siberia. He also asks about the potential transfer of the Kuril Islands to Japan. 

September 2, 1985

Letter, Ronald Reagan to Yasuhiro Nakasone

In a letter to Prime Minister of Japan Nakasone, President Reagan writes about the future of the relationship between Japan and the United States, emphasizing the need to protect liberal trade and ending with an expression of appreciation for Japan’s assistance in the release of the American hostages in Lebanon.

April 14, 1975

Japanese Foreign Ministry, 'Opening Statement regarding the Minister for Foreign Affairs Miyazawa’s Visit to the United States'

A brief summary of Miyazawa's meeting with Kissinger.

April 14, 1975

Disarmament Office, United Nations Bureau, Japanese Foreign Ministry, 'NPT Issue (Briefing of Minister Miyazawa’s Visit to the United States to Directors of Concerned Divisions of the Liberal Democratic Party)

A summary of a meeting between Foreign Minister Miyazawa and several leading officials from the Liberal Democratic Party regarding Japan's ratification of the NPT.

April 8, 1975

Disarmament Office, United Nations Bureau, Japanese Foreign Ministry, 'The NPT Issue (Views of LDP leaders)

The Office of the Disarmament Affairs summarizes the views of several leading LDP personalities (Matsuno, Nakasone, and Shiina) on the NPT.

October 20, 1955

Record of Conversation from Premier Zhou’s Reception of the Japanese Parliamentary Delegation in China and the Japanese Academic and Cultural Delegation in China

Zhou Enlai and a group of Japanese officials and academics discuss the wartime history and present status of Japan-China relations. They also touch on US-Japan relations and economic conditions in China and Japan.

June 25, 1959

The Former Japanese Prime Minister Ishibashi Tanzan Hopes to Visit China to Discuss Sino-Japanese Relations

Ishibashi Tanzan, the former Japanese Prime Minister, gave a letter to Zhou Enlai, claiming that "the two countries have mutual respect for each other's existing relations with the Soveit Union, the United States, and other countries and do not expect immediate changes."

September 1959

The Japanese Side’s Response following the Publication of the Communique of the Talks between Premier Zhou Enlai and Ishibashi Tanzan

While the Social Democratic Party of Japan supported the Communique of the Talks between Ishibashi Tanzan and Zhou Enlai, the Liberal Democratic Party criticized it by saying "it provides no solution for current Sino-Japanese relations."

April 14, 1967

Intelligence Note 292 from Secret Allan Evans to the Acting Secretary, 'Japanese Expert Considers Nuclear Defense'

INR assessed several recent newspaper articles by Kiichi Saeki, a defense expert close to the government, whose thinking was “noteworthy for [its] frank consideration of Japan’s need for nuclear-defense planning to cope with Communist China’s growing potential.”