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January 21, 1991

Cable, Richard Armitage to the White House for Mr. Robert Gates, 'Hussein/Armitage Meeting January 21, 1991'

The President’s special envoy to Jordan, Richard Armitage, updates the White House on a private talk he had just had with King Hussein. The King briefed Armitage on a secret meeting recently held with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir.

October 2, 1990

National Intelligence Daily for Tuesday, 2 October 1990

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 2 October 1990 describes the latest developments in Iraq, Kuwait, Yugoslavia, Angola, the Soviet Union, Liberia and Thailand.

September 1, 1957

Repercussions from America's Position regarding Syria and the Arab countries

America sends warships into Syrian territorial waters, and regional powers calibrate their postures.


The Economic Rivalry between Britain and America

Economic rivalry between Britain and the US over Jordan intensifies through economic means and the press, with the outcome unknown.

July 25, 1956

Report No. 7, 'Development of Arab Political Activities in Lebanon in relation to the Opposition to, and Support of the Turkish Alliance'

Account of Lebanese perspectives toward the Turkish Alliance, controversy over a Saudi Ambassador, US intervention, and several other matters of urgency.

September 1957

The Situation in Jordan

An American visit to plan a fight against communism in Jordan has dangerous ramifications, including increased tension between Arab states.

March 27, 1949

Report to HE the Director of the Sûreté Générale, Emir Farid Chehab, 'Some Information about the Situation in Iraq and Amman'

Letter to Emir Chehab regarding the political situation in Iraq and Communism in Iraq.