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June 29, 1991

National Intelligence Daily for Saturday, 29 June 1991

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 29 June 1991 describes the latest developments in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Kuwait, the Soviet Union, Palestine, Jordan, Ethiopia, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Togo, Czechoslovakia and Lebanon.

April 2, 1956

Political Activities in Jordan

Report on political unrest in Jordan due to fears that the British will attempt to re-assert their influence in the wake of Glubb Pasha's dismissal; includes details of a secret meeting between members of the Jordanian National Socialist Party and other Jordanian political parties and their requests.

February 19, 1956

Political Parties in Jordan

A summary of the unlicensed parties operating in Jordan as of 1956, including the Ba'athists, the Democratic Party, the Communists, the Freedom Party and the Arab nationalists.

October 26, 1954

The Political Situation in Jordan

Report discussing the underlying causes of the ongoing political crisis in Jordan (October 1954).


Report about the Situation in Jordan

Full report on the political situation in Jordan, covering subjects including: King Abdullah's political status in Jordan, English involvement in Jordan and Syria, Jordanian ministries, Gaza, Jordanian-Israeli relations, Palestinian-Jordanians.

April 28, 1949

Jordanian Activities in Lebanon

The mayor of Amman visits Beirut in order to discuss the situation in Syria.


Hizb al-Tahreer [Ḥizb al-Taḥrīr] and Rumors Surrounding It

Account of Hizb al-Tahrir's growing presence in Jordan and al-Nabahani's confiscation by Lebanese authorities.


The Economic Rivalry between Britain and America

Economic rivalry between Britain and the US over Jordan intensifies through economic means and the press, with the outcome unknown.

August 21, 1948

Report from the Republic of Syria, Army and Military Forces' General Command, Deuxième Bureau

Account of recent findings, including Syrian opposition activities, the discovery of Jehovah's Witnesses, and an attempted rebellion in Jordan.

January 4, 1957

Untitled report on a visit to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

During a visit to Jordan, Chehab learns of Arab military developments, including the activity of Syrian, Egyptian, and Palestinian soldiers, as well as King Hussein's policies regarding al-Nabulsi and King Saud.