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August 10, 1977

Letter, Warren Christopher to William Hyland, 'Response to Soviet Message on South Africa'

This draft reply to Leonid Brezhnev's August 1977 message to Jimmy Carter on the suspicious site in the Kalahari Desert includes a number of interesting points, among them a request for the "geographic coordinates, size, configuration, and exact nature of the facility." Presumably this information would be used by the US to better target its reconnaissance satellites on the site.

June 1978

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Special Projects Division, 'Proliferation Group Quarterly Report, January – March 1978'

This issue includes an extract from a recent study on Pakistan and two highly technical articles relating to on-going research to identify the signatures of high explosives used for the implosion method of nuclear detonation. It also includes a report that utilized open literature and classified intelligence, including two satellite photographs, the purpose of the article is to illuminate how the South African Government intended to use the site, down to the depth and thickness of the bore holes.

September 1977

Report, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Special Projects Division, 'South Africa: Motivations and Capabilities for Nuclear Proliferation'

This report for the Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA) pointed to downsides of US and international pressures against pariah or otherwise beleaguered states such as South Africa and Israel and against would-be nuclear proliferants. They might cooperate to advance their goals.

October 17, 1977

Letter from H.M.S. Reid to C.L.G. Mallaby, 'South African Nuclear Intentions'

Reid of the UK's Central and Southern African Department describes a recent visit to Pretoria, South Africa, during which he heard supposedly non-nuclear explosions taking place at the Kalahari Desert facility.

October 28, 1977

Draft letter from H.M.S. Reid, 'South African Test Explosions'

H.M.S. Reid writes a draft letter to South African concerning the possibility that South African would perform non-nuclear test explosions at the site in the Kalahari Desert.

October 24, 1977

Letter from C.L.G. Mallaby to Mr. Hervey, 'South African Nuclear Intentions.

Mallaby addresses Sir David Scott's 6 October letter concerning the possible South African nuclear test site in the Kalahari desert.

October 14, 1977

Letter from C.L.G. Mallaby to Mr. Moberly, 'South Africa’s Nuclear Intentions: Kalahari Facility'

Mallaby summaries actions taken in response to accusations that South Africa is preparing to test a nuclear device.

August 24, 1977

Telegram from South African Mission in New York to Department of Foreign Affairs on the New York Times Editorial 'Rumors, Not Bombs in South Africa'

Summary of New York Times editorial regarding Carter's press conference on South Africa's alleged development of nuclear weapons.

September 19, 1977

Telegram from South African Embassy in Washington to the Department of Foreign Affairs Summarizing a Washington Star Newspaper Article on 'South Africa and the Bomb'

Summary of Washington Star newspaper article on Carter administration concerns that South Africa was developing nuclear weapons.

September 30, 1977

Draft letter and Aide Memoire from South African Foreign Minister R.F. Botha to US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance

South African Foreign Minister R.F. Botha writes to the US Secretary of State disputing accusations that South Africa is developing nuclear weapons.