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October 7, 1977

Report on Visits to the Mongolian People's Republic and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

In September 1977, W. Jaruzelski  visited Mongolia and the DPRK. While in North Korea, Jaruzelski met with President Kim Il Sung and the Minister of National Defense O Jin U.  Although Jaruzelski did make several critical comments about the DPRK in his secret post-trip report, he still spoke in highly favorable terms about the country and generally recommended that Poland strengthen its relations with North Korea. 

Jaruzelsk's report also includes commentary on China's relations with both Mongolia and the DPRK.

June 1989

Report from Roman Misztal to Citizen General [W. Jaruzelski]

Chief of General Staff of the Polish Army Gen. Józef Użycki rejects the use of Polish officers at the NNSC to perform certain intelligence tasks in favor of the DPRK, but agrees to cooperate with North Korea in other areas.

April 11, 1977

Oral Message from the President of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim Il Sung, to the President of the [Socialist Federal] Republic [of Yugoslavia], Josip Broz Tito

Kim is grateful for Yugoslavia’s past and continued assistance on the unification issue. Elsewhere, he discusses the economic and political situation in Korea, a hostile incident caused by the South Korean army, and other issues relating to the unification of Korea. He is also pleased that Tito’s upcoming visit to Pyongyang has been agreed upon.

January 9, 1989

Untitled report from Mieczysław Dedo, Polish Ambassador to the DPRK, concerning the results of Kim Jong Nam’s visit to Iran

The Polish Ambassador in North Korea summarizes the results of Kim Jong Nam's visit to Iran, including possible oil deliveries, arms sales, and cooperation in uranium enrichment.

February 4, 1968

Lt. Col. J. Załuska, 'Record: Information received from Military Attaché Col. Goch (CSSR)'

North Korean factories can be switched to military production at any time. Most of the factories were located underground.

October 11, 1950

Cable No. 4785, Filippov [Stalin] and Zhou Enlai to the Soviet Ambassador in Peking

Instructions for the Chinese army in light of the fact that the Chinese forces designated to assist Korea are not ready.

May 15, 1949

Telegram, Shtykov to Vyshinsky

Shtykov recounts a recent meeting between Kim Il and Mao Zedong.

November 21, 1956

Letter No. 28 from the President (Syngman Rhee) to Minister Duk Shin Choi

President Rhee praises South Vietnam's anti-communist exhibit and expresses his concern about the limitations of the Korean Armistice Agreement.

December 1979

The Capability of the Puppet Regime to Launch an Attack on the South: A Comprehensive Analysis

South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs Information and Cultural Bureau reports on the current situation and information regarding the risk of a North Korea attack, North Korea's military capabilities, and the definiteness of a possible of a North Korean invasion.

January 30, 1951

Ciphered Telegram from Filippov [Stalin] to Mao Zedong via Zakharov

Passing on a copy of Stalin's telegram to Razuvaev from the same day concerning the organization and hierarchies of the Korean army.