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April 1956

Memo from K. Koval to the CPSU CC, on Soviet provision of postwar aid to the DPRK

Describes in detail the progress made as of January 1956 on the DPRK-USSR agreement that the USSR provide postwar aid from 1953 to 1957. Also lists free aid provided by China and other socialist states.

May 1978

The Overseas Visits of the Delegations of the North Korean Puppets (Analysis)

An analytical report on the overseas visit of the delegations of North Korea.

December 7, 1978

Minutes of Conversation between Paul Niculescu Mizil, Vice-Prime Minister of Romania, and Kim Il Sung

Kim Il Sung and Paul Niculescu Mizil discuss Romania’s position within the Warsaw Pact, Soviet military presence in socialist countries, and long-term economic collaboration between Romania and North Korea.

May 10, 1967

Telegram from Pyongyang to Bucharest, No. 76.161, TOP SECRET, May 10, 1967

Kim Gwang-hyeop explains that North Korea's standard of living is relatively low because of the need to invest heavily in defense industries, a policy dated back to the October 1966 Party Conference.

February 12, 1955

Liaison Report from the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, February 12th 1955, 550/55

In a report to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Romanian Ambassador to North Korea describes his travels to Pyongyang and his discussions with Kim Il Sung and various other North Korean politicians about the current economic conditions in North Korea, as well as reconstruction efforts in Mukden (Shenyang) and Andong (Dandong).

December 31, 1953

Political Report No. 8 of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of Poland in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for the Period of 1 December to 31 December 1953

The Polish Embassy provides information on the KWP Central Committee, the Supreme People's Assembly, agreements to receive assistance from communist countries, and the situation of industries, education, and health in North Korea.

March 13, 1952

Report on the Korean War, the Armistice Negotiations, and the Domestic Situation in Korea

A letter addressed to Feder reports on the Korean War, peace negotiations, and the domestic situation in Korea, calling for larger assistance on Romania's part.

May 20, 1978

Minutes of Conversation at the Official Meeting between the Romanian Delegation and the Korean Delegation

Minutes of conversation between Nicolae Ceausescu and Kim Il Sung; the topic of the conversation is the domestic situation (mostly economic) in North Korea and the foreign relations of Romania and North Korea.

December 2, 1974

Minutes of Conversation between Comrade Nicolae Ceausescu and Kim Dong-gyu

Kim and Ceausescu discuss the international political atmosphere. Kim shows his concern for the intensification of dissident movements in South Korea. The conversation highlights the fragility of military dictatorships as evidenced by the cases of Portugal and Greece.

August 1973

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Note, No. 01/010124/73, Secret

The document outlines Romania's position regarding the issue of unification of the Korean Peninsula. After a summary of inter-Korean negotiations thus far, the report concludes that the two Koreas are moving very slowly because both sides are attempting to gain advantage over the other. Nonetheless, Romania declares its firm support of the DPRK.