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October 7, 1977

Report on Visits to the Mongolian People's Republic and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

In September 1977, W. Jaruzelski  visited Mongolia and the DPRK. While in North Korea, Jaruzelski met with President Kim Il Sung and the Minister of National Defense O Jin U.  Although Jaruzelski did make several critical comments about the DPRK in his secret post-trip report, he still spoke in highly favorable terms about the country and generally recommended that Poland strengthen its relations with North Korea. 

Jaruzelsk's report also includes commentary on China's relations with both Mongolia and the DPRK.

November 22, 1980

Telegram from the Hungarian Embassy in Pyongyang, 'The KWP’s 6th Congress (Mongolian evaluation)'

A report on the conversation with the Mongolian ambassador regarding the intensifying Kim Il Sung cult and the elevation of Kim Jong Il.

August 26, 1971

Request to Include Item in Twenty-Sixth Session of UN General Assembly, 'Dissolution of United Nations Commission for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea'

Representative Dugersuren proposes that the dissolution of UNCURK be added to the General Assembly agenda. The Mongolian government believes that UNCURK is a front for US involvement in Asian matters and is blocking Korean unification.

November 20, 1986

Record of Conversation between Comrade J. Batmunkh and Kim Il Sung

Kim Il Sung and Jambyn Batmunkh discuss North Korea and Mongolia's relationships with China and the Soviet Union, among other issues.

June 9, 1982

Conversation between Soviet Foreign Ministry Official Mikhail S. Kapitsa and Deputy Foreign Minister of Mongolia D. Yondon

Record of conversation between Mikhail S. Kapitsa, the head of the First Far Eastern Department of the Soviet Foreign Ministry, and D. Yondon, First Deputy Foreign Minister of the Mongolian People's Republic. They discuss foreign relations with China, Japan and North Korea. They also discuss the current situation in Vietnam, India and Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

February 22, 1960

Journal of Soviet Ambassador in the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 22 February 1960

Puzanov receives the Romanian and Mongolian Ambassadors and discusses how to acquire "unpublished information" in North Korea, among other issues.

August 26, 1958

Record of a Conversation with Ambassador of the Mongolian People's Republic in the DPRK Cde. Nudenkhugiin Yadamjav

Yadamjav informs Pelishenko about Mongolian-North Korean trade relations and Mongolia's status at the United Nations.

December 21, 1974

Record of a Meeting between Kim Il Sung and L. Rinchin

Kim Il Sung and the MPR Foreign Minister comrade L. Rinchin have a conversation regarding North Korean-Mongolian relations, their economic conditions and policies, and Korean reunification.

June 16, 1969

Memorandum of Conversation between Pak Seong-cheol and Chimmidorj

Pak Seong-cheol and Chimiddorj discuss Mongolian-North Korean relations, the struggle for Korean reunification, and the Korean debate at the United Nations.

March 15, 1973

Record of Conversation between the Foreign Minister of North Korea and the First Secretary of the Mongolian People’s Republic

The Foreign Minister of North Korea conveys Kim Il Sung's message to the Mongolian government and continues to explain North Korea's perspective of the Park Chung Hee regime in South Korea. Seeking Mongolian support for the DPRK's unification perspective, he adamantly opposes Mongolian endorsement of the ascension of two Koreas to the United Nations.