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March 3, 1977

Telegram from the Secretary of State to the American Embassy in Seoul, 'Approach to Pakistanis on US-North Korean Contacts'

Stern reported that acting Foreign Minister Yoon was aware of NK-Pakistani-US communications. He reassured Yoon that the president policy of not holding discussions with North Koreans without participation of ROK had not changed.

March 2, 1977

Telegram from the American Embassy in Seoul to the Secretary of State, 'Pakistani Approach Re U.S. NK Contacts'

Stern reported that Ambassador provided President Park substance of US-Pakistani-North Korea communication.

February 26, 1989

Memorandum of Conversation: President Bush's Meeting with General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Zhao Ziyang of the People's Republic of China, February 26, 1989, 4:00 p.m. - 5:40 p.m.

George H.W. Bush and Zhao Ziyang discuss Sino-American relations and China's reform and opening, in addition to the situations in Korea, India, Pakistan, and the Soviet Union.

December 1972

Report from Várkonyi József 'The visit of Korean ambassador Pak Gyeong-sun'

A report by Varkonyi Jozsef on the visit of North Korean ambassador Pak Gyeong-sun, regarding the Korean Commission of the UN and North Korea’s relations with the Netherlands.

September 9, 1965

Conversation between Chairman Liu Shaoqi and Premier Zhou Enlai and Charge d'Affaires Jeong Bong-gyu at the 17th National Day Reception held at the North Korean Embassy

Liu Shaoqi and Jeong Bong-gyu discuss the Indo-Pak War, the likelihood of holding the Second Asian-African Conference, and the war in Vietnam.

September 11, 1965

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in North Korea, 'On North Korea's Response to the Indian Invasion of Pakistan'

The Chinese Embassy in Pyongyang reports that North Korea's reaction to the Indo-Pak War has been timid.

June 9, 1982

Conversation between Soviet Foreign Ministry Official Mikhail S. Kapitsa and Deputy Foreign Minister of Mongolia D. Yondon

Record of conversation between Mikhail S. Kapitsa, the head of the First Far Eastern Department of the Soviet Foreign Ministry, and D. Yondon, First Deputy Foreign Minister of the Mongolian People's Republic. They discuss foreign relations with China, Japan and North Korea. They also discuss the current situation in Vietnam, India and Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

March 17, 1978

TELEGRAM 038.589 from the Romanian Embassy in Islamabad to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Pak Seong-cheol's visit to Pakistan is carried out to recruit new supporters on the reunification issue and prevent Pakistan from establishing relations with the ROK.

November 17, 1982

Hungarian Embassy in the DPRK, Report, 17 November 1982. Subject: The visit of Pakistani President Zia ul-Haq in the DPRK.

Sándor Etre offers an analysis of Pakistani President Zia ul-Haq's visit to the DPRK and North Korea's efforts to influence the Non-Aligned Movement.

April 7, 1978

Hungarian Embassy in Pakistan, Report, 'The visit of DPRK Vice-President Pak Seong-cheol in Pakistan'

Pak Seong-cheol seeks Pakistan's support for North Korea's position on Korean unification, while Pakistan wants trade and arms shipments.