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March 18, 1991

The Chancellor’s [Helmut Kohl's] Meeting with Israel‘s Foreign Minister Levy on Thursday, 14 March 1991, 13.15 until 14.15 hours

Kohl and Levy discuss the situation in Iraq, the Palestine question and Israel's request for financial assistance from the Federal Republic of Germany.

July 2, 1962

Foreign Office, Northern Department, 'China-Soviet Union-Korea-Vietnam' [Excerpt]

This exceprt from an exploratory minute attempts to pinpoint North Korea’s shifting position between Moscow and Beijing by examining the speeches that Peng Zhen and Choe Yong-geon (Ch’oe Yonggŏn) made during the former’s visit in the DPRK.

November 18, 1947

Central Intelligence Agency, ORE-62, 'Implementation of Soviet Objectives in Korea'

The CIA analyzes Soviet policy in northern Korea, claiming that it seeks to create a satellite state.

June 19, 1950

Current Capabilities of the Northern Korean Regime

This report assesses the capabilities of North Korea in reference to; the Soviet position, the current political, economic, and military situations, and the current operations against South Korea.

January 3, 1947

Central Intelligence Group, ORE 5/1, 'The Situation in Korea'

An intelligence report about both North and South Korea. The report explains what the situation currently is and what is projected to happen with Soviet and American interaction with their respective Koreas.

October 29, 1947

Telegram, V. Molotov to Cde. Stalin

V. Molotov states the importance that the Korean issue should be discussed with the Koreans. He also details that in the case of opposing proposals from the US, the Soviets should oppose and abstain rather than voting against them.

October 29, 1947

Telegram No. 423, Vyshinsky to Cde. Molotov

Vyshinsky clarifies that in case there is a decision to form a commission in Korea, it is not advisable for the US and the Soviets to take part. Vyshinsky requests for an answer on this issue.

October 29, 1947

Telegram No. 418 from Vyshinsky

Vyshinsky outlines the amendment that the US has introduced regarding the Korean question. Moreover, Vyshinsky asserts the plan to object to the amendment and express why the amendment is not compatible with the proposal of the Soviets.

September 20, 1950

Cable, Gromyko to the Soviet Ambassador, Peking

Cable explaining that China and the Soviet Union are getting incomplete information from North Korea. Also discussing how North Korea is doing militarily and China's admission into the UN.

June 30, 1950

Cable No. 405743, Shtykov to Stalin

North Korea requests supplies and weapons from the Soviet Union.