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June 26, 1991

J. P. Kavanagh, 'Note of the Secretary-General's Meeting with the Permanent Observer of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, H.E. Mr. Pak Gil Yon'

Permanent Observer of DPRK broached two questions to SG regarding the situation on the Korean peninsula and the application of UN membership.

July 23, 1974

President Tito's Reply [to the Letter and Message from Kim Il Sung]

Tito agrees with Kim on the importance of reunification and the need for US troops to withdraw from South Korea.

October 3, 1968

Col. Mieczysław Białek, 'Record of Conversation at the Military Attaché Office and with the Ambassador of Soviet Union in Pyongyang, Comrade Sudarikov'

Socialist bloc officials discuss developments at the Korean armistice line and the fate of the USS Pueblo crew.

May 18, 1978

Letter to Park Chung Hee from Jimmy Carter

Carter writes to Park to ask for help to reduce tensions on the peninsula and facilitate the resumption of a serious North-South dialogue.

May 15, 1972

From the Journal of N.G. Sudarikov, 'Record of a Conversation with Kim Il Sung, General Secretary of the KWP CC and Chairman of the DPRK Cabinet of Ministers, 9 May 1972'

Kim Il Sung credits the diplomatic achievements and economic development of North Korea for creating greater opposition and chaos in South Korea. He also broaches how the two Koreas have different opinions on family reunions.

August 8, 1972

A letter from the North Korean embassy, attached to 'Visit of the Korean ambassador'

A letter from the North Korean embassy to the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attached to the report by Barity Miklos

August 1, 1954

Letter, General Maxwell D. Taylor to Francesca Donner Rhee

A building occupied by the US Eighth Army is released from military occupancy and returned to the Korean government.

September 21, 1954

Letter, Do Young Chey to General Maxwell D. Taylor

The Korean government would like to use the Naija Apartments as living quarters for newspaper correspondents.

March 23, 1955

Letter, Songin Nam to Mr. Pak

Songin Nam reports on various activities by the Eighth United States Army.

May 22, 1980

The Issue of the North Korean Invasion of the South

Japan and China discuss the possibility of a North Korean invasion of South Korea.