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June 19, 1950

Current Capabilities of the Northern Korean Regime

This report assesses the capabilities of North Korea in reference to; the Soviet position, the current political, economic, and military situations, and the current operations against South Korea.

January 3, 1947

Central Intelligence Group, ORE 5/1, 'The Situation in Korea'

An intelligence report about both North and South Korea. The report explains what the situation currently is and what is projected to happen with Soviet and American interaction with their respective Koreas.

October 3, 1968

Col. Mieczysław Białek, 'Record of Conversation at the Military Attaché Office and with the Ambassador of Soviet Union in Pyongyang, Comrade Sudarikov'

Socialist bloc officials discuss developments at the Korean armistice line and the fate of the USS Pueblo crew.

May 18, 1978

Letter to Park Chung Hee from Jimmy Carter

Carter writes to Park to ask for help to reduce tensions on the peninsula and facilitate the resumption of a serious North-South dialogue.

April 16, 1969

Record of Conversation between N.G. Sudarikov and Heo Dam, the leader of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of DPRK

Heo Dam reports on the DPRK's recent shootdown of an American plane which violated North Korean air space.

January 7, 1969

Y.D. Fadeev, First Secretary of the Soviet Embassy in North Korea, 'Korean-Chinese Relations in the Second Half of 1968 (Memo)'

The document examines Sino-Korean relations by analyzing international relations with US and Japan, describing how the ideology of Mao affects the relationship, and discussing trade relations and military relations.

April 15, 1954

Protocol for the Phased Withdrawal of Troops (First Draft)

A first draft of the proposal to withdraw United Nations Command and Chinese People's Volunteers troops from southern and northern Korea respectively. The protocol also outlines a schedule for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the Korean peninsula.

June 23, 1955

Letter, Lt. General C.R. Ferenbaugh to Vice Minister Lee Ho

On June 21, 1955, two defecting members of the North Korean Air force landed a North Korean YAK-18 on Seoul International Airport. Lt. General C.R. Ferenbaugh urges Vice Minister Lee Ho to relinquish the aircraft to the 5th US Air force and the Air Technical Intelligence Center, whom have the “best means” for a thorough investigation on the enemies’ (DPRK and USSR) aircraft and aeronautical industrial technique.

May 1, 1979

Notes on a Meeting held during the Secretary-General's Visit to Peking, 1 May 1979

Deng Xiaoping criticizes Vietnam as a regional hegemon in his a meeting with Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim.

February 1, 1977

Joint Meeting of Political Parties and Social Organizations Discussing Unification of the Fatherland

Communist World Broadcast Listening Report on joint meeting of political parties and social organizations discussing unification of the Fatherland.